The nginx bullshit can just die
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2011-08-08 Tomas Doran (t0m) The nginx bullshit can just die
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Pull back use_request_uri_for_path docs from deleted...
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Fix custom engine compat
2011-07-29 Tomas Doran This is broken, but used to work. See C::P::Auth
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Version 5.89003 5.89003
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Deal correctly with app classes which are immutable...
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Docs
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Version 5.80033 5.80033
2011-07-21 Andrew Rodland Replace the setup_engine workaround with a better one
2011-07-21 John Napiorkowski now better support for legacy psgi (Catalyst::Engine...
2011-07-11 Tomas Doran Revert "removed component resolution regex fallback"
2011-07-07 André Walker removed component resolution regex fallback
2011-07-06 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-07-01 Tomas Doran More disable_component_resolution_regex_fallback
2011-06-09 Justin Hunter fix typo
2011-05-15 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-05-12 Justin Hunter fix some typos
2011-05-09 John Napiorkowski removed backcompat code for old PSGI Engine since this...
2011-05-07 John Napiorkowski got all the tests running again
2011-05-07 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'psgi' into origin/psgi
2011-05-05 Ton Voon Fixed situation where a detach($action) from a forward...
2011-05-03 Tomas Doran public apply_default_middlewares method
2011-05-03 John Napiorkowski first attempt at a patch to enable compatibility with...
2011-04-12 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-03-29 Tomas Doran Use the Plack LighttpdScriptNameFix middleware.
2011-03-27 Florian Ragwitz make ->setup_engine($engine) supported API again
2011-03-27 Tomas Doran Explicitly document the wrong Engine::PSGI thing.
2011-03-27 Florian Ragwitz Ignore old-style .psgi files
2011-03-27 Tomas Doran Tiny tidyups to copyright and license
2011-03-26 Florian Ragwitz The IIS 6 script name fix is now part of Plack
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Reduce code repetition
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Add legacy workaround for nginx PATH_INFO
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Make legacy IIS env fixing work again
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Make legacy lighttpd env fixing work again
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Load middlewares where they're actually used
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Make _wrapped_legacy_psgi_app do wrapping only
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.89002 5.89002
2011-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Make getting to a PSGI app saner
2011-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.89001 5.89001
2011-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Rename Engine::Loader to EngineLoader
2011-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-02-23 Tomas Doran Version 5.80032 5.80032
2011-02-22 Dhaval Dhanani added myself (dd070) in contributors list
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran This scares me, but it fixes stuf work work
2011-01-31 Tomas Doran Fix Engine::Stomp with psgi
2011-01-31 Tomas Doran Version 5.80031 5.80031
2011-01-24 Tomas Doran Small docs and fixes
2011-01-24 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.89000 5.89000
2011-01-23 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-01-19 Tomas Doran Additional notes and cleanup
2011-01-04 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80030 5.80030
2010-12-17 Tomas Doran Bad test failed to show bug.
2010-12-17 Tomas Doran Fix the case for body '0'
2010-12-16 Tomas Doran Extra links in docs
2010-12-06 Florian Ragwitz Don't build the full PSGI app more than once
2010-12-05 Florian Ragwitz Set up MyApp->psgi_app lazily
2010-12-05 Florian Ragwitz Separate raw psgi app and wrapped psgi app
2010-12-03 Florian Ragwitz Don't build the psgi app twice
2010-12-03 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2010-11-23 Tomas Doran Clarify end action after forward / detach
2010-11-19 Stefan Seifert Fix passing file GLOBs to $c->res->body
2010-11-15 Tomas Doran Clarify docs
2010-10-03 Tomas Doran Version 5.80029 5.80029
2010-09-29 Tomas Doran Patch from the mailing list to clarify view warning
2010-09-29 Tomas Doran Need to use _add_meta_method from new Moose onwards...
2010-09-28 Tomas Doran Actually bump versions, ACTUAL 5.80028, sorry 5.80028
2010-09-01 Tomas Doran Version 5.80027 5.80027
2010-09-01 Tomas Doran Version 5.80026 5.80026
2010-08-29 Amiri Barksdale Add doc patch for go and captures.
2010-08-25 Tomas Doran Fix RT#59738, show_internal_actions produces warnings...
2010-08-25 Tomas Doran Fix bug with parse_on_demand (take 2)
2010-08-25 Tomas Doran Back out 13528, cocked that up.
2010-08-25 Tomas Doran Fix bug with parse_on_demand
2010-08-16 Tomas Doran Merge 'trunk' into 'psgi'
2010-08-04 Luke Saunders moved component name sort that happens in setup_compone...
2010-07-29 Kieren Diment stupid typo
2010-07-29 Kieren Diment advertise Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI
2010-07-29 Tomas Doran Version 5.80025 5.80025
2010-07-16 John Napiorkowski this doesnt need to be a compile time requirement
2010-07-16 John Napiorkowski drop and minor refactor of injected handler
2010-07-15 John Napiorkowski works but totally wrong
2010-07-03 Justin Hunter remove extra '
2010-06-15 Matthias Dietrich Applied doc patches that might help to figure out how...
2010-05-24 Tomas Doran Put some of the mod_perl code back. This is pretty...
2010-05-24 Tomas Doran Merge trunk into here, fix tests to pass again with...
2010-05-20 Tomas Doran Back out hunks I accidentally committed
2010-05-20 Tomas Doran Changelog and dep bump for more_metaclass_compat branch...
2010-05-20 Tomas Doran Merge 'trunk' into 'more_metaclass_compat'
2010-05-15 Tomas Doran Changelog, bump versions, add new contributor :)
2010-05-15 Tomas Doran Add a pile of docs for the new use_request_uri_for_path...
2010-05-12 Peter Rabbitson Better stats API explanation (SpiceMan)
2010-05-07 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80023. 5.80023
2010-05-07 Florian Ragwitz Pass along options to load_class for plugins.
2010-05-06 Wallace Reis minor fix for Changes file | add me as a contributor
2010-05-06 Wallace Reis make uri_for a bit cleaner
2010-05-03 Florian Ragwitz Remove useless conditional.
2010-05-02 Florian Ragwitz Allow parameterized roles to be applied as plugins.
2010-05-02 Tomas Doran Revert to old behaviour, allow config for new behaviour...
2010-04-28 Eden Cardim minor documentation fix for handle_request
2010-04-19 Tomas Doran Get it mostly working, except uri_for is still buggered