Handle $c->error called as a class method.
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst.pm
2006-04-18 Marcus Ramberg Handle $c->error called as a class method.
2006-04-01 Matt S Trout Added models/views/controllers methods
2006-03-26 Matt S Trout Updated uri_for signature
2006-03-26 Andy Grundman Added ability for engines to run the entire prepare...
2006-03-25 Matt S Trout Refactored component fetch code a bit
2006-03-25 Matt S Trout Got rid of Path::Class imports
2006-03-23 Yuval Kogman Add the clear_errors method
2006-03-16 David Kamholz apply docs patch from Carl Franks (thanks!) with a...
2006-03-15 Marcus Ramberg lots of new docs,
2006-03-15 David Kamholz minor doc improvements
2006-03-12 Matt S Trout Looping and recursion tests plus a fix
2006-03-02 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned generated tests
2006-03-01 David Kamholz fix silly bug in finalize_headers
2006-02-27 Curtis "Ovid" Poe Fixed a bug I introduced whereby registered_plugins...
2006-02-26 Matt S Trout Fixes to model/view/controller methods from Brandon...
2006-02-26 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper for Root class
2006-02-24 Matt S Trout Doc patch for uri_for from 'mike'
2006-02-21 Marcus Ramberg prepared for release of 5.65
2006-02-17 Curtis "Ovid" Poe Added plugin introspection.
2006-02-15 Marcus Ramberg support hashref for params in uri_for
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned up generated tests
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel Added ConfigLoader support, LTjake needs to inline...
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel YAML support is back, yay!
2006-01-29 Yuval Kogman Warn when setting ->config after ->setup was called
2006-01-26 Sebastian Riedel Removed YAML support
2006-01-25 Matt S Trout Fixups to ACCEPT_CONTEXT and COMPONENT
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Switched from JSON to YAML::Syck
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper gen
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Switched from YAML to JSON for now
2006-01-22 Matt S Trout Upped version in Catalyst.pm
2006-01-21 Sebastian Riedel Updated prereq versions
2006-01-17 Jess Robinson Added Tutorial to welcome_message
2006-01-17 Matt S Trout - Bugfix to make sure ->execute uses a component from...
2006-01-17 Andy Grundman Prep for 5.62 release
2006-01-17 Andy Grundman Back to 6.00 at sri's request
2006-01-15 Jess Robinson fix typo in docs
2006-01-15 Jess Robinson "forward" docs updated
2006-01-14 Curtis "Ovid" Poe Tiny document update to make it a bit clearer how one...
2006-01-13 Andy Grundman Set version back to 5.62 :)
2006-01-13 Sebastian Riedel Updated version to 6.00 :)
2006-01-09 Andy Grundman Better solution for forward detection when dealing...
2006-01-07 Matt S Trout - Catalyst no longer isa Catalyst::Base (adds Catalyst...
2006-01-07 Sebastian Riedel Added pod
2006-01-07 Sebastian Riedel Updated MyApp->config->{file}
2006-01-07 Sebastian Riedel Added MyApp->config->{file}
2006-01-07 Sebastian Riedel Added YAML config support
2006-01-06 Sebastian Riedel Added COMPONENT() and ACCEPT_CONTEXT() support
2005-12-30 Andy Grundman Fixed callsub determination when execute has been exten...
2005-12-30 Andy Grundman Action list in debug mode is now displayed as a tree...
2005-12-25 Jesse Sheidlower minor typos in welcome page in Catalyst.pm
2005-12-16 Andy Grundman Fixed engine detection to allow custom mod_perl engines
2005-12-14 Andy Grundman Display version numbers of loaded plugins (Curtis Poe)
2005-12-10 Sebastian Riedel Added class and method for catched exceptions messages
2005-12-08 Sebastian Riedel Updated makefile template
2005-12-07 Andy Grundman Automatically determine Content-Length when serving...
2005-12-07 Marcus Ramberg bugfix for $c->model and friends.
2005-12-07 Sebastian Riedel Updated for Module::Install 0.40 (autrijus still needs...
2005-12-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated makefile
2005-12-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated for 5.60
2005-11-26 Sebastian Riedel Fixed forward to classes
2005-11-24 Sebastian Riedel Updated see also
2005-11-24 Sebastian Riedel Added ExtUtils::AutoInstall support
2005-11-21 Sebastian Riedel Replaced -short with auto-detection
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated uri_for to accept undef actions
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated changes
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Moved some PAR stuff
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Reformatted documentation
2005-11-18 Sebastian Riedel Renamed -nonew to -force
2005-11-18 Andy Grundman Added drewbie to contrib list
2005-11-18 Andy Grundman Expanded c->error docs (drewbie)
2005-11-17 Andy Grundman Applied FastCGI daemon patch from mugwump
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typos
2005-11-17 Andy Grundman Updated scriptgen
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated PAR support
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Removed FastCGI engine from preload list
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated PAR support again
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated Catalyst.pm to preload more modules, needed...
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated par helper
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Added PAR support
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Updated Catalyst::Test to use HTTP::Request::AsCGI
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Fixed dispatcher, so $c->req->action(undef) works again
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Fixed multiple header bug
2005-11-15 David Kamholz - reverted previous change
2005-11-15 Yuval Kogman Make headers and cookies non-writable after finalize...
2005-11-14 Sebastian Riedel Released 5.54
2005-11-14 Matt S Trout - added package to eval for M::P::F call so _catalyst_c...
2005-11-14 Andy Grundman Released 5.53
2005-11-14 Yuval Kogman Revert readonly headers
2005-11-14 Yuval Kogman Make headers and cookies non-writable after finalize...
2005-11-14 Marcus Ramberg updated to 0.10
2005-11-14 Sebastian Riedel Changed uri_for behavior, updated for 5.51
2005-11-13 David Kamholz - remove borked tag again
2005-11-13 Jesse Sheidlower Doc changes in Catalyst.pm
2005-11-13 Sebastian Riedel Fixed debug messages
2005-11-12 David Kamholz - fix a few more small things in docs
2005-11-12 Matt S Trout - Doc patch from davekam/ningu
2005-11-12 Marcus Ramberg added support for Model/View/Controller namespace relative
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Removed bogus Index doc
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Fixed docs for comp()
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Added big doc patch from ningu with a few tweaks from...