Fixed some bugs and improved logs
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst /
2005-11-09 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some bugs and improved logs
2005-11-09 Yuval Kogman Dispatcher::get_action no longer takes $c as a useless arg
2005-11-08 Sebastian Riedel Fixed multiple appclass bug
2005-11-08 Matt S Trout - Fixed a dispatcher bug, thanks nothingmuch
2005-11-06 Matt S Trout - Further tweaks and added tests
2005-11-06 Matt S Trout - Fixed it so tests run again
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Made forward sane again
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Fixed forward
2005-11-05 Matt S Trout - Made Catalyst::Action and ActionContainer default...
2005-11-04 Andy Grundman Fixed formatting to less than 78 cols
2005-11-04 Andy Grundman Applied LTJake's patch for adding SimpleTable to Dispatcher
2005-11-03 Matt S Trout - Moved local $c->{namespace} set to Catalyst::Action...
2005-11-02 Matt S Trout - Made forward use $c->component($command) instead...
2005-11-02 Matt S Trout - Move config stuff etc. out into Catalyst::Component...
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Turned action registration inside-out
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Punted get_action to ActionContainer
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Refactored get_action into get_action and get_actions
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->config->{show_internal_actions}
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Added new _DISPATCH private action for dispatching
2005-10-29 Matt S Trout - Made Action accessor names more consistent (namespace...
2005-10-24 Matt S Trout - Fixed Index, cleaned up get_action
2005-10-23 Sebastian Riedel Updated dispatcher
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed a typo
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Added index action and fixed get_action
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Added on demand DispatchType loading
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed public action lists
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned all new classes
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed default action in appclass
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Added a bunch of comments to new dispatcher code
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Shifted Path dispatch into a DispatchType and nuked...
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Removed dead code
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Start of DispatchType refactor
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Added some docs to dispatcher modifications
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - $c now has $c->action and $c->namespace
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - And finally some optimisations. Oh, and the missing...
2005-10-21 Matt S Trout - Dispatcher refactor, part trois
2005-10-21 Matt S Trout - Dispatcher refactor, part deux
2005-10-21 Matt S Trout - First part of dispatcher refactor
2005-10-12 Matt S Trout - Fixed warning
2005-10-12 Matt S Trout - Hey, so do relative forwards with args in the uri
2005-10-12 Matt S Trout - Nailed one dispatcher forward-with-args-in-uri bug
2005-10-11 Sebastian Riedel Added multiple paths support
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Merged 5.49_01 (r1339) from refactored branch to trunk
2005-09-26 Andy Grundman Backed out memory leak workaround, bumped Text::ASCIITa...
2005-09-23 Andy Grundman Added temporary workaround for debug memory leak in...
2005-09-15 Andy Grundman Backported [1133] dispatcher fix to trunk
2005-09-06 Marcus Ramberg added a comment, compacted a couple of elses.
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg fix objects that evaulate to false. rafl
2005-07-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed detach and whitespaces in Path/Regex
2005-07-05 Sebastian Riedel Added attributes for detach
2005-06-28 Christian Hansen Better error message if $c->forward fails to find actio...
2005-06-24 Christian Hansen Take a copy of arguments
2005-06-24 Christian Hansen refactored $c->forward
2005-06-24 Marcus Ramberg Allow forward with arguments.
2005-06-20 Christian Hansen Fixed table debug messages to be more portable
2005-06-14 Christian Hansen Added Catalyst::Exception
2005-06-10 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->detach for non returning forwards
2005-06-08 Sebastian Riedel Added support for case sensitivity
2005-05-27 Christian Hansen added support for non Catalyst::Base components
2005-05-24 Sebastian Riedel Fixed dispatcher
2005-05-24 Sebastian Riedel Fixed a typo
2005-05-24 Sebastian Riedel Fixed auto chain, finally
2005-05-16 Sebastian Riedel Fixed the multiple cat apps on same mod_perl problem
2005-05-06 Sebastian Riedel Added support for whitespaces between brackets and...
2005-05-06 Sebastian Riedel Fixed inheritance in dispatcher
2005-05-03 Sebastian Riedel Fixed auto dispatcher
2005-04-30 Sebastian Riedel Updated some core stuff, cleanups, better errors...
2005-04-27 Christian Hansen Added support for non C::Base components to live in...
2005-04-24 Marcus Ramberg fixed: Better error message.
2005-04-24 Christian Hansen Impoved error messaging when $c->forward to an non...
2005-04-24 Marcus Ramberg minor improvement.
2005-04-19 Marcus Ramberg Updated: Better Dispatcher error messages.
2005-04-16 Christian Hansen Applied regexp patch from Matt S Trout
2005-04-16 Sebastian Riedel Added Catalyst::Utils
2005-04-15 Sebastian Riedel Fixed dispatcher pod
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel i forgot to remove a warning
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel some code cleanup
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel fixed bug before draven finished test case :P
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel fixed tables
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel fixed absolute forward in root and cleaned tables
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel fixed the absolute forward bug
2005-04-13 Sebastian Riedel some updates
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel Private error is now debug
2005-04-10 Christian Hansen Fixed t/engine/response*
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel Private flag is exclusive
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel cleanup
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel removed code from logs
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel some cleanup
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel damn
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel dispatcher sounds better