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last changeSat, 7 Sep 2013 18:07:21 +0000
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge migrated repository to github moose organization master
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge Class::MOP::load_class is deprecated in Moose 2.1100
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge use my pluginbundle
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge keep tests in xt
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge spelling (RT#87780)
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge [Test::Pod::LinkCheck] is still broken
2013-09-07 Karen Etheridge add reference to MooseX::Getopt::Usage
2013-07-11 Karen Etheridge use warnings tester with fewer dependencies, issues
2013-02-23 Karen Etheridge bail out on failed prereqs
2013-02-15 Karen Etheridge MooseX-Getopt-0.56 v0.56
2013-02-15 Karen Etheridge bring back 5.8 compatibility
2013-02-12 Karen Etheridge MooseX-Getopt-0.55 v0.55
2013-02-12 Karen Etheridge perform all path comparisons unix-style, to avoid win32...
2013-02-11 Karen Etheridge use new bail_out_on_fail feature (no-op if plugin versi...
2013-02-10 Karen Etheridge make all warnings fatal in tests
2013-02-10 Karen Etheridge MooseX-Getopt-0.54 v0.54
22 months ago v0.56 v0.56
22 months ago v0.55 v0.55
22 months ago v0.54 v0.54
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2 years ago v0.47 v0.47
2 years ago v0.46 v0.46
2 years ago v0.45 v0.45
2 years ago v0.44 v0.44
2 years ago v0.43 v0.43
2 years ago v0.42 v0.42-TRIAL
2 years ago v0.41 v0.41-TRIAL
15 months ago master
2 years ago topic/usage_exit_not_die
3 years ago topic/dams_getopt_conf
3 years ago topic/jswartz-process-args
4 years ago autoprereq
4 years ago topic/usage_attr_order
4 years ago topic/save_usage_obj
4 years ago topic/no_auto_help
4 years ago config_from_file_cli
4 years ago version_handling
5 years ago topic/default_with_instance
5 years ago topic/split_gld_from_basic
5 years ago topic/configfile_default_codref_call
5 years ago topic/create_via_new
6 years ago getopt-more-flexible