2009-08-30 Tomas Doran Merge master into branch topic/split_gld_from_basic
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Fix README version 0.21
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Add repos info
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran New M::I doesn't want to play
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Bump versions
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Fix RT#47766
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Add Test::Moose, as requested by RT#48843
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Merge
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Merge
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Docs of MooseX::Getopt::Basic now refer elsewhere.
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Move _gld_spec to ::GLD - it's only used there.
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Remove POD of a removed option.
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Added $VERSION and $AUTHORITY to MX/ again.
2009-08-13 Shlomi Fish Implement functionality of MooseX::Getopt::Basic .
2009-08-13 Shlomi Fish Splitted into Getopt::Basic and Getopt::GLD.
2009-08-13 Shlomi Fish Reverted the latest commit.
2009-08-13 Tomas Doran Cleanup test, removing unneeded code serving no purpose...
2009-08-12 Shlomi Fish Enable the argv argument to the constructor.
2009-08-12 Tomas Doran Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-12 Tomas Doran Doc patch for argv parameter from rindolf++
2009-07-11 Devin Austin fixed another minor spelling nit
2009-07-11 Devin Austin fixed minor spelling nit
2009-07-10 Ricardo SIGNES prep new release with fixed MANIFEST.SKIP 0_20
2009-07-08 Ricardo SIGNES auto_manifest 0_19
2009-07-08 Ricardo SIGNES bump version, prepare next release
2009-07-06 t0m Changelogging
2009-07-06 Nelo Onyiah Applied patch in RT43255
2009-07-06 Nelo Onyiah Applied patch to fix RT46200
2009-07-06 Tomas Doran... Fix Getopt config spec
2009-07-05 t0m Fix tests from RT#44909
2009-07-05 t0m Add .gitignore
2009-07-05 t0m Fix warnings
2009-06-26 Nelo Onyiah Updated ChangeLog
2009-06-26 Nelo Onyiah Applied patch in RT43255
2009-06-25 Nelo Onyiah Applied patch to fix RT46200
2009-04-09 Hans Dieter... update MANIFEST (again) 0_18
2009-04-09 Hans Dieter... update MANIFEST
2009-04-09 Hans Dieter... add a synopsis
2009-04-09 Hans Dieter... fiddle with ilmari's changelog entry and bump version
2009-04-09 Dagfinn Ilmari... add MooseX::Getopt::Dashes
2009-04-08 Hans Dieter... unify version numbers 0_17
2009-04-08 Hans Dieter... update for latest moose
2009-02-17 Ricardo SIGNES skip pod tests, do not block install 0_16
2008-07-26 Yuval Kogman version bumps
2008-07-26 Yuval Kogman changelog 0_15
2008-07-26 Yuval Kogman also accept type constraint objects in option type...
2008-07-10 Stevan Little 0.14
2008-06-22 Yuval Kogman demand Module::Install 0.75
2008-06-05 Yuval Kogman Params passed to new_with_options are no longer required
2008-06-05 Stevan Little failing tests
2008-06-04 Chris Prather fix Float which doesn't exist with Num which does
2008-05-25 Stevan Little 0.13
2008-05-01 John Goulah replacing Build.PL with Makefile.PL
2008-05-01 Todd Hepler added links to the traits
2008-05-01 Todd Hepler typo fix
2008-04-23 Ryan D Johnson Woops - convert some tabs to spaces in the ChangeLog
2008-04-23 Ryan D Johnson Getopt shouldn't require ConfigFromFile role applied...
2008-04-23 Ryan D Johnson Update versions, changelog, fix test when ConfigFromFil...
2008-04-23 Ryan D Johnson When required attributes are loaded from config, they...
2008-04-23 Ryan D Johnson TODO tests for loading required attributes from config
2008-03-14 Stevan Little 0.12
2008-02-02 Yuval Kogman Getopt::Long processes all option names, do the same...
2008-02-02 Yuval Kogman refactor cmd alias extraction to a separate method
2008-01-28 Brandon L Black 0.11, required not necessarily required
2008-01-23 Brandon L Black 0.10 - support default configfile w/ MX::ConfigFromFile 0_11
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman ARGV and extra_argv should be nogetopt 0_10
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman changelog and version bump 0_09
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman Merge 'gld' into 'trunk'
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman remove the FakeUsage thing, not needed after all
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman Doc note about Getopt::Long::Descriptive
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman use Getopt::Long::Descriptive only if it's available
2008-01-22 Yuval Kogman revert dep
2008-01-21 Yuval Kogman _usage_format method
2008-01-21 Yuval Kogman hide ARGV and extra_argv from usage
2008-01-21 Yuval Kogman further refactorings to benefit MooseX::App::Cmd
2008-01-21 Yuval Kogman dep
2008-01-21 Yuval Kogman Getopt::Long::Descriptive
2007-12-21 Brandon L Black 0.08 version/changes 0_08
2007-12-18 Brandon L Black add MX::ConfigFromFile support
2007-12-04 Stevan Little 0.07
2007-12-03 Stevan Little some doc fixes
2007-11-23 Stevan Little foo 0_07
2007-11-23 Stevan Little 0.06
2007-11-23 Stevan Little no-getopt stuff
2007-10-12 Stevan Little misc crap 0_06
2007-08-01 Yuval Kogman foo
2007-07-31 Chris Prather add a NoGetopt metaclass
2007-07-09 Stevan Little bumping version and adding Changelog
2007-07-04 Yuval Kogman Refactor MooseX::Getopt into smaller methods
2007-07-03 Stevan Little 0.05
2007-07-03 Stevan Little some helpful errors added
2007-06-26 Stevan Little 0.04 0_05
2007-05-26 Brandon L Black fix typo in ChangeLog 0_04
2007-05-22 Brandon L Black Throw exceptions from new_with_options if @ARGV parsing...
2007-05-03 Stevan Little 0.03 0_03
2007-05-03 Stevan Little 0.03
2007-05-03 Stevan Little 0.03
2007-04-30 Stevan Little start of 0.03
2007-04-06 Stevan Little foo