2011-02-08 Tomas Doran Whitespace pickyness topic/jswartz-process-args
2011-02-08 Tomas Doran Clean up namespace
2011-02-08 Tomas Doran Chop up docs - dzil processes the Pod
2011-02-08 Jonathan Swartz move most of new_with_options logic into separate publi...
2010-10-26 Karen Etheridge convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal.
2010-08-26 Florian Ragwitz Re-enable AutoPrereq
2010-08-26 Florian Ragwitz Fix author test fail
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Version 0.33 0.33
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Remove Test::Most dep, doh
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Merge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Version 0.32 0.32
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Whitespace
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Fix handling of union types (RT#58417)
2010-08-16 Karen Etheridge convert to using Test::Requires
2010-07-31 Karen Etheridge adding ether to author list ;)
2010-07-07 Tomas Doran Version 0.31 0.31
2010-07-07 Justin Hunter make sure no tests are run if MX::SC 0.07 is not found
2010-07-06 Tomas Doran Version 0.30 0.30
2010-07-06 Tomas Doran Swap options round
2010-07-06 Karen Etheridge use insertion order to sort attributes when formulating...
2010-07-06 Tomas Doran Add a skip if we don't have mx::simpleconfig, or not... topic/save_usage_obj
2010-07-06 Tomas Doran Fix eol test
2010-07-01 Karen Etheridge Implements feature suggestion RT#58715 by storing the...
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge Merge branch 'topic/no_auto_help' of git.moose.perl... topic/no_auto_help
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge removed timestamp from Changelog; added additional...
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge removed timestamp from Changelog; added additional...
2010-06-27 Tomas Doran Remove date from changelog as not shipped
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge clarify comments/changelog -- MooseX::ConfigFromFile...
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge ChangeLog update
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge oops forgot to add this file to the commit!
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge add number to filename of new testcase
2010-06-27 Karen Etheridge Disable auto_help config in Getopt::Long, to avoid...
2010-06-15 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.29 0.29
2010-06-15 Florian Ragwitz Fix repository url
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.28 0.28
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Remove some more trailing whitespace
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Ignore dotfiles
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Remove some more trailing whitespace
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Proper author names
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz GLD is a hard dep since 2008 anyway
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Specify prereqs manually
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Convert to Dist::Zilla
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Changelog doy's work
2010-06-05 Florian Ragwitz Add release date for 0.27
2010-06-04 Jesse Luehrs make ::Strict work with the trait stuff
2010-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.27. 0.27
2010-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Bum the Getopt::Long::Descriptive dependency to 0.081...
2010-02-12 Ævar Arnfjörð... Partially revert fe193b814520900810bc4c0e6d9819d444b26930
2010-02-12 Ævar Arnfjörð... Convert tabs to spaces
2010-02-12 Ævar Arnfjörð... MooseX::Getopt::Dashes: Document how ::Dashes interacts...
2010-02-09 Tomas Doran... Revert "Add test for strange --version handling"
2010-02-09 Tomas Doran... Revert "Skip relevants tests when appropriate"
2010-02-09 Tomas Doran... Revert "Just skip the test if we don't have Capture...
2010-01-25 Hinrik Örn... Just skip the test if we don't have Capture::Tiny
2010-01-25 Hinrik Örn... Skip relevants tests when appropriate
2010-01-25 Hinrik Örn... Add test for strange --version handling
2009-12-10 Tomas Doran Merge branch 'master' of
2009-12-10 Tomas Doran Bump version 0.26
2009-12-10 Shlomi Fish Add t/106_no_ignore_case.t .
2009-12-10 Shlomi Fish Convert HAVE_GLD to _HAVE_GLD .
2009-12-10 Shlomi Fish Convert HAVE_GLD to _HAVE_GLD .
2009-12-10 Tomas Doran... And fix
2009-12-10 Tomas Doran... Add some tests showing that upper case options don...
2009-11-30 Tomas Doran Revert "Fix this not having a $VERSION"
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Fix this not having a $VERSION
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Date 0.25
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Bump versions
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Update changes, tests for new hooks
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Ignore editor files
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Basic test for hooking the usage method
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Properly pull apart into roles
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran And more overrideable
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Bump version
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Make option warning eacy to override for Catalyst....
2009-11-19 Tomas Doran Pull exiting with useage out into a method
2009-10-23 Tomas Doran... Changelog 0.24
2009-10-23 Tomas Doran... Trim trailing whitespace
2009-10-23 Tomas Doran... Fix bug when handling upper/mixedcase accessors
2009-10-02 Tomas Doran Slight rewording
2009-10-02 Tomas Doran Changelog, bump version 0.23
2009-10-02 Tomas Doran Merge commit 'upstream/topic/configfile_default_codref_...
2009-09-05 Tomas Doran Bump version for release 0.22
2009-09-05 Tomas Doran Bump GLD required version
2009-08-30 Tomas Doran Update .gitignore to skip built dists
2009-08-30 Tomas Doran Force author tests to be run when in author mode
2009-08-30 Tomas Doran Merge master into branch topic/split_gld_from_basic
2009-08-27 Gordon Irving if configfile is a coderef call it and write some tests... topic/configfile_default_codref_call
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Fix README version 0.21
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Add repos info
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran New M::I doesn't want to play
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Bump versions
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Fix RT#47766
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Add Test::Moose, as requested by RT#48843
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Merge
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-27 Tomas Doran Merge
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Docs of MooseX::Getopt::Basic now refer elsewhere.
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Move _gld_spec to ::GLD - it's only used there.
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Remove POD of a removed option.
2009-08-23 Shlomi Fish Added $VERSION and $AUTHORITY to MX/ again.