New namespace::clean to resolve the Package::Stash megafail
[dbsrgits/DBIx-Class.git] / Makefile.PL
2011-01-14 Peter Rabbitson New namespace::clean to resolve the Package::Stash...
2010-12-28 Peter Rabbitson Stop running on smokers with a screwed up Package:...
2010-12-28 Peter Rabbitson Fix Class::Accessor::Grouped and Hash::Merge dependencies
2010-12-23 Alexander Hartmaier added RDBMS optional dependency groups for use by DBIC...
2010-12-23 Peter Rabbitson Switch the shortener (used only by oracle) reqs to...
2010-12-15 Alexander Hartmaier support INSERT ... RETURNING in Oracle 8i and later
2010-12-02 Peter Rabbitson Order core dependencies, bump CAG to the rewritten...
2010-11-18 Peter Rabbitson Always run the META.yml check
2010-11-10 Arthur Axel 'fREW... Don't quote NULL for debug output
2010-10-23 Peter Rabbitson -ident implementation
2010-10-12 Peter Rabbitson Require unborked CAG
2010-10-10 Peter Rabbitson Entire test suite passes under DBIC_TRACE=1
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Make Data::Page total count evaluation lazy
2010-09-21 Peter Rabbitson Disable author mode during cpanX --installdeps .
2010-09-16 Arthur Axel 'fREW... DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE
2010-09-01 Peter Rabbitson Don't try to load DBIx::Class during the Makefile.PL...
2010-08-27 Peter Rabbitson Rename SQLAHacks to SQLMaker, shuffle around files...
2010-08-26 Peter Rabbitson SQLA::Limit is no more \o/
2010-08-13 Peter Rabbitson Remove leftover use from the SIGSEGV trapping days
2010-08-13 Peter Rabbitson Some TODO test revisions prompted by RT#59565
2010-08-13 Peter Rabbitson Add META resource as per RT#58549
2010-08-11 Rafael Kitover add proper test for column names with punctuation,...
2010-07-05 Peter Rabbitson Lern to spel
2010-07-04 Peter Rabbitson Bump M::I
2010-06-21 Peter Rabbitson Clarify why Makefile.PL failed
2010-06-17 Rafael Kitover remove import of GetOptions symbol into Makefile.PL
2010-06-12 Peter Rabbitson Older (5.8 core) Math::BigInt do not have from_hex
2010-06-12 Peter Rabbitson Clearer non-dev makefile error
2010-06-12 Peter Rabbitson A guard to make sure we don't ship with a ton of deps...
2010-06-11 Alexander Hartmaier Factor out the oracle shortener code, and apply it...
2010-06-10 Peter Rabbitson skip_author_deps should not require M::I::AT
2010-06-07 Arthur Axel 'fREW... RT58184: Depends on File::Path 2.06_05 (or so)
2010-06-03 Peter Rabbitson Be gentler to checkout users
2010-06-03 Peter Rabbitson enter xt/ (RT#56698)
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel "fREW... update repository information from svn to git
2010-06-02 Peter Rabbitson Relax developer policy, allowing to skip optional depen...
2010-05-31 Peter Rabbitson Fix update/delete on prefetching resultsets
2010-05-31 Arthur Axel "fREW... add namespace::clean as regular dep
2010-05-14 Ton Voon Conversion of eval => try (part 1)
2010-04-26 Peter Rabbitson Bizarre fork failure
2010-04-26 Peter Rabbitson Bump CAG and SQLA dependencies
2010-04-24 Peter Rabbitson _quote is now properly handled in SQLA
2010-04-11 Arthur Axel "fREW... bump SQLA dep
2010-03-24 Peter Rabbitson bump SQLA dep
2010-03-15 Robert Bohne fixed requirements
2010-03-15 Peter Rabbitson Proper fix for RETURNING with default insert
2010-03-12 Robert Bohne Use SQL::Abstract 1.61_01, add some tests.
2010-03-07 Peter Rabbitson Unmark Opt::Deps experimental and add extra method...
2010-02-23 Peter Rabbitson More index exclusions
2010-02-23 Peter Rabbitson Looks like the distdir wrapping is finally taken care of
2010-02-22 Rafael Kitover improve with_deferred_fk_checks for Oracle, add tests
2010-02-21 Peter Rabbitson Reorder makefile author actions to make output more...
2010-02-21 Peter Rabbitson Merge 'trunk' into 'dbicadmin_pod'
2010-02-21 Peter Rabbitson Cleanup the makefile regen a bit
2010-02-21 Peter Rabbitson Bogus unnecessary dep
2010-02-20 Peter Rabbitson These are core for perl 5.8
2010-02-20 Gordon Irving adjust to generate dbicadmin.pod
2010-02-20 Peter Rabbitson Test::Deep actually isn't required
2010-02-18 Peter Rabbitson Retire useless abstraction (all rdbms need this anyway)
2010-02-14 Peter Rabbitson Merge 'trunk' into 'pri_key_refactor'
2010-02-14 Peter Rabbitson Cleanup dependencies / Admin inheritance
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson Test fixes
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson Merge 'trunk' into 'dbicadmin_refactor'
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson dbicadmin dependencies
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson Ask for newer M::I
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson Scary warning
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson Privatize the full list method
2010-02-13 Peter Rabbitson Auto-POD for Optional Deps
2010-02-12 Peter Rabbitson Merge 'trunk' into 'dephandling'
2010-02-12 Peter Rabbitson Move optional deps out of the Makefile
2010-02-12 Peter Rabbitson Fix moose dep
2010-02-06 Rafael Kitover move Firebird ODBC override for RETURNING to a SQLAHack...
2010-02-05 Peter Rabbitson Release 0.08116 v0.08116
2010-02-03 Rafael Kitover test DT inflation for Sybase SQL Anywhere over ODBC too
2010-01-31 Peter Rabbitson This is not really used for anything (same code in...
2010-01-29 Peter Rabbitson Require non-warning-spewing MooseX::Types
2010-01-22 Peter Rabbitson Temporarily disable whitespace checkers
2010-01-21 Rafael Kitover minor documentation updates
2010-01-20 Rafael Kitover minor fixups
2010-01-19 Arthur Axel "fREW... Add EOL test
2010-01-19 Arthur Axel "fREW... fix test to be an author dep
2010-01-19 Arthur Axel "fREW... add test to ensure no tabs in perl files
2010-01-17 Peter Rabbitson Merge 'trunk' into 'dbicadmin_refactor'
2010-01-07 Peter Rabbitson 5.8.1 is minimum required perl
2010-01-06 Rafael Kitover bump perl_version to 5.8.1
2010-01-05 Rafael Kitover Merge 'oracle_shorten_aliases' into 'trunk'
2010-01-05 Rafael Kitover append half of a base64 MD5 to shortened table aliases...
2010-01-02 Florian Ragwitz Port replicated storage from MXAH to native traits.
2009-12-30 Rafael Kitover bump CAG dep
2009-12-18 Peter Rabbitson Fix no_index entries
2009-12-15 Gordon Irving include deps for dbicadmin DBIx::Class::Admin to Makefi...
2009-12-05 Peter Rabbitson DB2 and MSSQL have different default order syntaxes
2009-12-04 Peter Rabbitson Unify the MSSQL and DB2 RNO implementations - they...
2009-11-28 Peter Rabbitson Cleanup the s.c.o. index
2009-11-23 Peter Rabbitson refactor part 2
2009-11-15 Peter Rabbitson Hide from pause
2009-11-14 Rafael Kitover fix oracle dep in Makefile.PL
2009-10-31 Rafael Kitover change repository in meta to point to real svn url...
2009-10-03 Rafael Kitover remove _pretty_print
2009-09-28 Rafael Kitover Merge 'trunk' into 'sybase_support'