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last changeThu, 8 Dec 2016 18:38:46 +0000
2016-12-08 Matt S Trout Introduce GOVERNANCE document and empty RESOLUTIONS... master
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Merge the last bits of indirect callchain optimization
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Simplify internal implementation of as_subselect_rs
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Audit and minimize use of last major indirect method...
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Simplify guarded pass-through added to CDBI in ee333775
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Retire the ASSERT_NO_INTERNAL_WANTARRAY macro
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Audit and annotate all context-sensitive spots in ...
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Restore the context sensitive m2m helper calling of...
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Mark forgotten ::Row::id() method as indirect_sugar
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Tighten up code in ResultSetColumns, add INDIRECT annot...
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Fix func_rs() and as_subselect_rs() to start behaving...
2016-09-30 Peter Rabbitson Tighten up select list processing in ::SQLMaker
2016-09-28 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix building on perls with no . in @INC
2016-09-27 Peter Rabbitson (travis) Work around RT#117959
2016-09-27 Peter Rabbitson Remove the only use of the CAG 'inherited_ro_instance...
2016-09-27 Henry Van Styn Improve exception text during write operations on unins...
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