Fix RT #54203 (reported by chocolateboy) that setters might return undef.
[gitmo/Mouse.git] / Makefile.PL
2010-01-16 gfx Improve Makefile.PL not to test Moose compatibility...
2010-01-15 gfx Add conflicting checks to Makefile.PL
2010-01-15 gfx Makefile.PL requires Module::Install::XSUtil 0.21
2009-12-22 gfx Revert "Add resolution of conflitcting extention"
2009-12-19 gfx Add resolution of conflitcting extention
2009-12-08 gfx Use Module::Install::XSUtil 0.19
2009-12-05 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.41... 0.41
2009-12-05 gfx Fix Makefile.PL to add author's tests correctly
2009-12-03 gfx Add a message in Makefile.PL
2009-12-03 gfx Update the repository information
2009-12-03 gfx Tweaks in Makefile.PL
2009-11-17 gfx Move build tools to tool/
2009-11-12 gfx Tidy Makefile.PL
2009-11-12 gfx Update M::I::XSUtil to 0.17
2009-11-02 gfx Changelogging
2009-10-31 gfx Use Carp::Always in Makefile.PL when Mouse is in develo...
2009-10-31 gfx Change a message from Makefile.PL
2009-10-29 gfx Ensure the version of Module::Install::XSUtil
2009-10-27 gfx Remove object files in "make clean"
2009-10-27 gfx Improve Makefile.PL
2009-10-27 gfx Ensure configure_requires 'ExtUtils::CBuilder'
2009-10-25 gfx Ensure backward compatibility
2009-10-25 gfx Use postamble() insteead of MY::postamble()
2009-10-25 gfx Repeat test with MOUSE_PUREPERL=1 in "make test", addin...
2009-10-25 gfx Tweaks for Makefile.PL
2009-10-24 gfx Add first XS implementation
2009-10-24 gfx Add XS stuff to Makefile.PL
2009-10-21 gfx Update Makefile.PL
2009-10-13 gfx Update Makefile.PL
2009-10-10 gfx Skip some tests for Moose
2009-10-09 gfx Fix Makefile.PL
2009-10-08 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.37_04... 0.37_04
2009-10-08 gfx Fix author/ Now Mouse::Tiny...
2009-10-03 gfx Fix previous changes
2009-09-30 gfx Update Makefile.PL
2009-09-26 gfx Work around broken Test::Exception
2009-09-25 gfx Fix various tests for new Mouse
2009-09-25 gfx Move some test files
2009-09-25 gfx Make sure to work on 5.6.2
2009-09-24 gfx Fix Makefile.PL to use Mouse::Spec
2009-09-22 gfx Fix the timing triggers are invoked
2009-09-22 gfx Add Mouse->moose_version for compatible Moose version...
2009-09-22 gfx Change, Fix, Improve
2009-09-22 gfx Fix Makefile.PL to remove old xt/compatibility/* tests...
2009-09-21 gfx Remove xt/compatibility/* at make clean
2009-09-21 gfx More compatibility
2009-09-17 gfx Use mkpath instead of make_path in Makefile.PL
2009-09-15 gfx Use mkpath instead of make_path in Makefile.PL
2009-07-02 Shawn M Moore Typo fix
2009-07-02 Matt S Trout fixup Makefile.PL to generate Mouse/ so we actua...
2009-05-04 Chris Prather add minimum version for Test::More and Test::Exception...
2009-05-04 Chris Prather set perl version to 5.008 and document 5.6.2 bugs in POD
2009-04-13 Tokuhiro Matsuno added workaround for autogenerated Moose test
2009-04-02 Tokuhiro Matsuno less deps in Makefile.PL
2009-04-02 Tokuhiro Matsuno generate moose compatibility test automatically
2009-03-07 Shawn M Moore Just always depend on Scalar::Util 1.14
2009-03-02 Tokuhiro Matsuno depend to Scalar::Util 1.14.
2008-12-09 Shawn M Moore Remove build-dep on Sub::Uplevel, Test::Exception can...
2008-12-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno - depend to Scalar::Util when perl5.6.x
2008-12-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno revert XS related things
2008-12-03 Tokuhiro Matsuno (JUST A IDEA) copied from Scalar-List-Util/Util.xs
2008-12-03 Tokuhiro Matsuno move Test::Exception to inc/. suggested by autarch++
2008-12-03 大沢 和宏 add tests 't/*.t t/*/*.t';
2008-09-28 Shawn M Moore We no longer depend on Test::Exception
2008-09-28 Shawn M Moore Remove dep on CMM by just delay-loading
2008-09-28 Shawn M Moore Remove dependency on Scalar::Util
2008-09-28 Shawn M Moore use Mouse::Util 'get_linear_isa' instead of MRO::Compat...
2008-09-28 Shawn M Moore ..and the Makefile.PL
2008-07-16 Shawn M Moore Remove dependency on Test::Warn by catching the warning...
2008-06-27 Shawn M Moore Bump the dep on CMM, since it has the prototype fix
2008-06-11 Shawn M Moore Use Class::Method::Modifiers 1.00 for before/after...
2008-06-03 Shawn M Moore Import Mouse