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last changeFri, 29 Jul 2016 14:43:11 +0000
34 hours ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix "overriden" typo master
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) cPerl 5.24.0 has shipped
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Enable the schema SanChecks on 5.8 as well
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Fix inexplicable 5.8.x C3 errors - roll back e6efde04
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Recognize more authorship based on the historic repo...
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Merge the ResultSource diagnostics rework
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Prevent invisible skipping of ResultSource proxy overrides
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson Expand annotations to cover all generated methods
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson Introducing DBIx::Class::Schema::SanityChecker
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson Annotate every indirect sugar-method
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson Some test suite corrections ahead of next commits
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson An extra bit of diag on incomplete rsrc re-register
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson Comprehensive diagnostic on incorrect ResultSource...
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson Centralize all user-side rsrc calls to go through resul...
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson Fold column_info() into columns_info()
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson Resolve $rsrc instance duality on metadata traversal
5 weeks ago v0.082840 Release v0.082840
6 weeks ago v0.08271 Release v0.08271
5 months ago v0.082821 Release v0.082821
16 months ago v0.082820 Release v0.082820
21 months ago v0.082810 Release v0.082810
21 months ago v0.082801 Release v0.082801
22 months ago v0.082800 Release v0.082800
2 years ago v0.08270 Release v0.08270
2 years ago v0.08260 Release v0.08260
3 years ago v0.08250 Release v0.08250
3 years ago v0.08210 Release v0.08210
3 years ago v0.08242 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08242
3 years ago v0.08209 Release v0.08209
3 years ago v0.08241 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08241
3 years ago v0.08208 Release v0.08208
3 years ago v0.08240 EXPERIMENTAL Release 0.08240
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12 days ago maint/0.0828xx
6 weeks ago maint/0.0827x
2 months ago people/ilmari/icdt-method-fix
2 months ago wip/order_by_nulls_dbic_portion
5 months ago wip/count-no-soft-limit
5 months ago current/blead
5 months ago current/for_cpan_index
9 months ago topic/mooification
13 months ago people/felliott/test-schema-graphviz
16 months ago topic/mooification+type-tiny
19 months ago people/ilmari/set-constraints-deffered-component
20 months ago people/ilmari/delay-related-rs-creation-for-single-rels
21 months ago feature_needs_rework/oracle_default_insert
21 months ago people/ilmari/oracle-deferred-constraints
22 months ago wip/where_relattr_tests