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last changeThu, 28 Apr 2016 12:53:39 +0000
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson More indirect call removals: the second part of 77c3a5dc master
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Centralize remaining uses of Sub::Name within _Util
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Missed test spewing odd debug after fd2c6658f (slave...
2 days ago Sebastian Riedel Silly GitHub, Perl6 is not a real language :trollface:
6 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) Work around RT#113740
6 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) Make more helper functions available to subexecs
6 days ago Peter Rabbitson Fix last remaining tests with -T under < 5.10
9 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix ordering by 1:M prefetched boolean columns in Pg
9 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Use prepared statement from the start for populate...
9 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix Oracle _dbh_execute_for_fetch warning suppression
10 days ago Peter Rabbitson After 5e0eea35 we can actually test for cleaned namespa...
10 days ago Peter Rabbitson Remove Class::Data::Inheritable and use CAG 'inherited...
10 days ago Peter Rabbitson Start setting the 'c3' mro unambiguously everywhere
10 days ago Peter Rabbitson Reorder a couple stray loads in
10 days ago Peter Rabbitson Fix obscure failure of CDBICompat accessor install...
11 days ago Peter Rabbitson Augment the infinite loop fix 4f52479b with the infra...
2 months ago v0.082821 Release v0.082821
13 months ago v0.082820 Release v0.082820
18 months ago v0.082810 Release v0.082810
18 months ago v0.082801 Release v0.082801
19 months ago v0.082800 Release v0.082800
2 years ago v0.08270 Release v0.08270
2 years ago v0.08260 Release v0.08260
3 years ago v0.08250 Release v0.08250
3 years ago v0.08210 Release v0.08210
3 years ago v0.08242 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08242
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3 years ago v0.08241 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08241
3 years ago v0.08208 Release v0.08208
3 years ago v0.08240 EXPERIMENTAL Release 0.08240
3 years ago v0.08206 v0.08206
3 years ago v0.08205 release 0.08205
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