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last changeThu, 23 Jun 2016 13:28:57 +0000
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson Raise the global lock timeouts master
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson Add true/false non-singleton boolean objects
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson Extra test of UNIVERSAL handling in describe_class_methods
7 days ago Peter Rabbitson Revert TempExtlib ( b46b85376 ) - new Sub::Quote shipped
7 days ago Peter Rabbitson Bring out the big-paranoia-harness - make describe_env...
7 days ago Peter Rabbitson Fix describe_env failure on nonexistent @INC on Win32
7 days ago Peter Rabbitson Minor cosmetic fix of describe_environment
7 days ago Peter Rabbitson Fix false-positives in the no-external-evals assert...
8 days ago Peter Rabbitson Add 'PERL_VERSION' foldable constant, switch lib-ish...
8 days ago Peter Rabbitson Minor improvements to the maint helper scripts
9 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Restore 'timezone' field in column info ( extends eef9b...
9 days ago Peter Rabbitson Proper changelog after I bothced it in e400c82d
10 days ago Peter Rabbitson Ensure describe_environment does not break its output...
11 days ago Peter Rabbitson Slight POD correction
11 days ago Peter Rabbitson Add changelog entry on 90c9dd1d, 757891ed and 89203568
11 days ago Peter Rabbitson Remove changelog entries included in 0.082830
9 days ago v0.082840 Release v0.082840
12 days ago v0.08271 Release v0.08271
4 months ago v0.082821 Release v0.082821
15 months ago v0.082820 Release v0.082820
20 months ago v0.082810 Release v0.082810
20 months ago v0.082801 Release v0.082801
21 months ago v0.082800 Release v0.082800
2 years ago v0.08270 Release v0.08270
2 years ago v0.08260 Release v0.08260
3 years ago v0.08250 Release v0.08250
3 years ago v0.08210 Release v0.08210
3 years ago v0.08242 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08242
3 years ago v0.08209 Release v0.08209
3 years ago v0.08241 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08241
3 years ago v0.08208 Release v0.08208
3 years ago v0.08240 EXPERIMENTAL Release 0.08240
5 days ago master
7 days ago maint/0.0828xx
12 days ago maint/0.0827x
6 weeks ago people/ilmari/icdt-method-fix
7 weeks ago wip/order_by_nulls_dbic_portion
4 months ago wip/count-no-soft-limit
4 months ago current/blead
4 months ago current/for_cpan_index
8 months ago topic/mooification
12 months ago people/felliott/test-schema-graphviz
15 months ago topic/mooification+type-tiny
18 months ago people/ilmari/set-constraints-deffered-component
19 months ago people/ilmari/delay-related-rs-creation-for-single-rels
20 months ago feature_needs_rework/oracle_default_insert
20 months ago people/ilmari/oracle-deferred-constraints
21 months ago wip/where_relattr_tests