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last changeTue, 24 May 2016 16:59:09 +0000
4 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Add preliminary non-core attribute support master
6 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Force no_defer on DBIC-internal quote_sub() invocations
6 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Bring back _TempExtlib (d0435d75), this time for Sub...
7 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Add permanent plumbing for _TempExtlib (d0435d75)
9 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Remove last active reference to List::Util from lib/
9 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Better lean startup check
9 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Simplify the find-test-temp-dir codepath a bit
9 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Fix incorrect whitespace test outside of checkouts
12 hours ago Peter Rabbitson This piece of doc has been incorrect since c354902c
4 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Harmonize time zone spelling in InflateColumn::DateTime
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson Properly fix corner case of non-comparing overload
4 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) Bump to Cperl 5.22.2
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) Test::Strict needs Devel::Cover which fails...
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) Clear out some resolved FIXMEs
5 days ago Peter Rabbitson (travis) Poorman updated their offerings
6 days ago Peter Rabbitson Start known issues changelog section - place it on...
3 months ago v0.082821 Release v0.082821
14 months ago v0.082820 Release v0.082820
18 months ago v0.082810 Release v0.082810
19 months ago v0.082801 Release v0.082801
19 months ago v0.082800 Release v0.082800
2 years ago v0.08270 Release v0.08270
2 years ago v0.08260 Release v0.08260
3 years ago v0.08250 Release v0.08250
3 years ago v0.08210 Release v0.08210
3 years ago v0.08242 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08242
3 years ago v0.08209 Release v0.08209
3 years ago v0.08241 EXPERIMENTAL Release v0.08241
3 years ago v0.08208 Release v0.08208
3 years ago v0.08240 EXPERIMENTAL Release 0.08240
3 years ago v0.08206 v0.08206
3 years ago v0.08205 release 0.08205
4 hours ago master
7 days ago people/ilmari/icdt-method-fix
2 weeks ago wip/order_by_nulls_dbic_portion
2 months ago wip/count-no-soft-limit
3 months ago current/blead
3 months ago current/for_cpan_index
3 months ago maint/0.0828xx
7 months ago topic/mooification
11 months ago people/felliott/test-schema-graphviz
14 months ago topic/mooification+type-tiny
16 months ago people/ilmari/set-constraints-deffered-component
18 months ago people/ilmari/delay-related-rs-creation-for-single-rels
19 months ago feature_needs_rework/oracle_default_insert
19 months ago people/ilmari/oracle-deferred-constraints
20 months ago wip/where_relattr_tests
20 months ago topic/quote-unquote