2008-12-18 Kennedy Clark Update thanks for tutorial (include dhoss)
2008-12-18 Kennedy Clark Add fix for failing test to Testing.pod
2008-12-18 Kennedy Clark Update "how to install cat" advice and misc minor updates.
2008-12-18 Kennedy Clark Minor adjustments to tutorial. Mention tests fail...
2008-12-17 Kennedy Clark Fix URLs for final code tarballs (thx to K Gatdula)
2008-12-15 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2008-12-15 Kennedy Clark Update URL for latest copy in SVN to match new location...
2008-12-13 Tomas Doran Fix the manual to encourage you to use MRO::Compat...
2008-12-12 Tomas Doran Take a couple of patches from the mailing list I have...
2008-12-07 Kennedy Clark Update for Ubuntu 8.10 (HTML::FormFu v0.03006)
2008-12-07 Kennedy Clark Remove TTSite in favor of manually created wrapper...
2008-11-24 Jesse Sheidlower Fixing the typos introduced during the last typo fix ;-)
2008-11-23 Kennedy Clark Update for Ubuntu 8.10, update license, misc updates
2008-11-23 Kennedy Clark Update license
2008-11-23 Kennedy Clark Update license
2008-11-23 Kennedy Clark Fix 2 typos - thanks to JGK
2008-11-04 Ricardo SIGNES prep release
2008-10-17 Brian Cassidy Remove a reference to a FOREACH loop that did not exist...
2008-10-01 Kieren Diment improvements to ACCEPT_CONTEXT docs
2008-09-29 Jess Robinson Applied doc patch from martins to improve the formfu...
2008-09-17 Jay Kuri Removing invalid and confusing references to id_field
2008-09-04 Ricardo SIGNES remove MyApp::auto
2008-08-27 Jess Robinson Applied doc patch from lucs
2008-08-16 Kieren Diment clarified something about :Path and :Local similarities
2008-08-16 Kieren Diment fixed error regarding naming of the Catalyst::View
2008-08-11 Brian Cassidy Changed some Template Toolkit links to perldoc links...
2008-08-05 Jess Robinson Fix some typos and point out about converting to .conf...
2008-08-05 Jesse Sheidlower typo fixing
2008-07-28 Brian Cassidy Fix part numbering (RT #37963)
2008-07-18 Dan Dascalescu Fixed 4 minor typos
2008-07-11 Brian Cassidy version 5.7x not 7.7x
2008-07-10 Kieren Diment some idiot forgot to hit save
2008-07-10 Brian Cassidy Fix Template Toolkit website link (RT #37574)
2008-07-09 Kieren Diment rollback to use Catalyst qw/@plugins/
2008-07-09 Kieren Diment ec2 images, and some typo corrections
2008-07-08 Ton Voon Added ProxyPass ignores for static files. Removed
2008-07-01 Tomas Doran Apply patch from Adrian Lai to clean up a few out of...
2008-06-30 Dan Dascalescu Minor: typo and format fixes
2008-06-12 Brian Cassidy tidy up changes file a bit
2008-06-05 Kieren Diment moving to use parent stuff for docs
2008-06-05 Kieren Diment lets use config::General
2008-06-04 Kieren Diment added a test :P
2008-06-02 Kieren Diment bump version
2008-06-02 Kieren Diment change author
2008-06-02 Kieren Diment added foolproof yaml
2008-06-02 Kieren Diment added password
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark Fix erroneous "Part #" cross references between parts...
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark Escape > chars and fix uri_for
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark Add edit/update section & misc updates
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark First pass through add form with constraints and filter...
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark Fix date
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark Add select to form and comments to config file
2008-06-01 Kennedy Clark Initial update for AdvancedCRUD/FormFu.pod
2008-05-30 Kieren Diment final pre-release tweak to manual
2008-05-29 Kieren Diment ready for release
2008-05-29 Kieren Diment finalising default and index :Private expurgation
2008-05-28 Kieren Diment expurgating deprecated default and index actions
2008-05-27 Kennedy Clark (no commit message)
2008-05-26 Kennedy Clark Forgot to add Ubuntu quick time sync command to prev...
2008-05-26 Kennedy Clark Add warning about system clocks being in sync with...
2008-05-26 Kennedy Clark Convert schema to MyApp::Schema, convert model to DB...
2008-05-25 Kieren Diment Runtime/Devel changes
2008-05-25 Marcus Ramberg Fix reference to .yml file in debug log.
2008-05-24 Kieren Diment tweaking warning against using create=dynamic
2008-05-24 Kennedy Clark Add back warning that got deleted.
2008-05-24 Kennedy Clark Cleanup other references to myapp.yml to myapp.conf
2008-05-24 Kieren Diment fixing dynamic/static mix-up
2008-05-24 Kennedy Clark Add additional information for transition from YAML...
2008-05-23 Kieren Diment yaml expurgation and placeholders for a couple of upcom...
2008-05-22 Kennedy Clark Rework tutorial. Lots of things changed, but key items...
2008-05-21 Kennedy Clark Fix typos.
2008-05-21 Kennedy Clark Add AdvancedCRUD "cover page" and stub files for FormBu...
2008-05-19 Kennedy Clark Fix typo in Intro.pod & add new header to AdvancedCRUD.pod
2008-05-18 Kennedy Clark Some initial updates for a new tutorial.
2008-05-16 Kieren Diment authorization doc fix
2008-05-16 Kieren Diment updated manual
2008-05-13 Brian Cassidy update pod and podcoverage tests to match cat dist
2008-05-08 Brian Cassidy clean up changes file
2008-05-08 Brian Cassidy pod fix
2008-04-10 Ricardo SIGNES add text to L<> to avoid nonsense
2008-04-09 Matt S Trout update Changes
2008-04-09 Matt S Trout rename back to
2008-01-25 Jess Robinson Replace DefaultEnd with RenderView
2007-12-30 Kieren Diment typo oops
2007-12-30 Eden Cardim fixed documentation referring to deprecated Catalyst...
2007-10-25 Jay Kuri Tweaking authenticate call and related text
2007-10-25 Peter Karman method name changed from login() to authenticate()
2007-10-25 Peter Karman change example to match new Auth realms API
2007-10-09 Brian Cassidy variable escaping issue [rindolf]
2007-10-09 Brian Cassidy variable escaping issue [rindolf]
2007-10-07 Jonathan Rockway bump version to 5.701003
2007-10-05 Matt S Trout fix sqlite CLI util name to sqlite3 to save people...
2007-09-27 Jonathan Rockway add explanation of CatalystX:: to manual; cleanup Exten...
2007-09-12 Jonathan Rockway update version
2007-08-24 Kieren Diment why do I always forget to update Changes
2007-08-24 Kieren Diment cookbook patch thanks to bits
2007-08-24 Kieren Diment fixed botched version no
2007-08-18 Kieren Diment updates to respective ::Manual pages to try to keep...
2007-08-17 Kieren Diment removal of redundant information while keeping the...
2007-08-08 Ash Berlin Update mailing list URLs