2020-07-22 Graham Knop Release commit for 5.9011 master v5.9011
2020-07-22 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.9011
2020-07-22 Graham Knop changelog
2020-07-21 Graham Knop update contributors
2020-07-21 Graham Knop update git urls
2020-07-20 Graham Knop Merge pull request #9 from artemkonev/patch-2
2020-07-20 Graham Knop Merge pull request #8 from artemkonev/patch-1
2020-04-29 Artem Konev Renamed directory to follow convention.
2020-04-21 Artem Konev Added PSGI configuration details for NGINX Unit. github/fork/artemkonev/patch-2
2020-04-21 Artem Konev Add NGINX Unit to the list of PSGI handlers. github/fork/artemkonev/patch-1
2019-04-25 Graham Knop Release commit for 5.9010 mirror-test v5.9010
2019-04-25 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.9010
2019-04-25 Graham Knop add missing =back
2019-04-25 Graham Knop changelog
2019-04-14 Graham Knop update gitignore
2019-04-14 Graham Knop whitespace cleanup
2019-04-14 Graham Knop move author tests to xt
2019-04-14 Graham Knop link fixes
2019-04-14 Graham Knop remove links to roadmap and todo files, which no longer...
2019-04-14 Graham Knop fix hardcoded s.c.o link
2019-04-14 Graham Knop various formatting cleanups
2019-04-14 Graham Knop link several module names
2019-04-14 Graham Knop normalize whitespace in verbatim sections
2019-04-14 Graham Knop remove unneeded link text
2019-03-10 Graham Knop end module before pod
2019-03-10 Graham Knop various format code fixups
2019-03-10 Graham Knop fix some format codes with angle brackets
2019-03-10 Graham Knop modules should be linked by name rather than URL
2019-03-10 Graham Knop modules should be linked with L<>
2019-03-10 Graham Knop whitespace cleanups
2019-03-10 Graham Knop use F<> format codes for files rather than C<>
2019-03-08 Graham Knop use double bracketed formatting codes so < and > don...
2019-01-22 Graham Knop remove trailing whitespace
2017-09-26 Graham Knop fix dev mode with no dot in @INC
2017-05-10 Lilly An fixed typo in AdvancedCRUD::FormFu
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge amend the documentation for copyright/licence
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge add mailing list to metadata
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge document the location of the RT queue, the mailing...
2016-02-25 Jay Hannah Catalyst::Manual::Plugins is deprecated.
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge add irc channel to metadata
2016-02-25 Nick Tonkin Fix broken external link
2016-02-25 Nick Tonkin Typo
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge fix punctuation typo (thanks, punter!)
2016-02-25 Graham Knop require newer Distar to handle README
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge add contributors to metadata
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge canonicalize contributor names and addresses
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge fix typo in example
2015-03-05 Karen Etheridge Merge pull request #5 from wolfsage/topic/pod-nit
2015-03-05 Matthew Horsfall Fix broken pod.
2014-12-13 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 5.9009 v5.9009
2014-12-13 Karen Etheridge changelog for 5.9009
2014-12-13 Karen Etheridge bump version to 5.9009
2014-12-13 Karen Etheridge mark :Regex and :LocalRegex as deprecated
2014-12-13 Karen Etheridge fixed lots of markup
2014-12-13 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix DBIC::Schema helper invocation examples (RT#100597)
2014-09-26 Edwin de Graaf Fixed typo (RT#99132)
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 5.9008 v5.9008
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge Template Toolkit is used in the tutorial, so install...
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge fix pod link (RT#80361)
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge fix typos in example commands (RT#89475)
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge fix dead link (RT#96342)
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge make bump
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge convert packaging from Module::Install to Distar; bump...
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge changelog for next release
2014-07-26 Matthew Horsfall Fix capitalization in L<...> so links work in HTML.
2014-04-05 Andreas Marienborg Add a missing L pod command
2014-04-05 Andreas Marienborg Remove "5.80 latest" dead link
2014-01-02 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix typo (RT#91747)
2014-01-02 David Steinbrunner Fix typos
2013-12-21 Karen Etheridge fix backwards link
2013-12-20 Karen Etheridge one more typo (thanks Zoffix!)
2013-12-20 Karen Etheridge fix autocomplete error (RT#91544)
2013-08-27 Gerda Shank remove references to M/V/C directories (deprecated...
2013-08-18 Karen Etheridge remove deprecated package (older versions will still...
2013-08-13 Karen Etheridge use proper markup for code snippet
2013-08-13 Karen Etheridge typo
2013-08-13 Karen Etheridge fix methods and action names to match the next example...
2013-08-05 Karen Etheridge grammar; minor correction to namespace references
2013-05-16 Jesse fixed typo (link) (from mauke)
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge fix mispaste in Changelog
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge add =encoding to make pod tests happy 5.9007
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge changelog for next release
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge fix missing Changes entries
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge include the r/w repo spec for contributors
2013-02-20 Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 typo: correct file name
2013-02-20 Paul Waring RT #83398: Patch to fix POD warnings
2013-02-20 Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 correct repo URL
2012-11-08 Kennedy Clark Prep for build (V5.9006)
2012-11-08 Kennedy Clark Fix missing = in =head1
2012-11-01 Kieren Diment bump version
2012-11-01 Kieren Diment warning about IIS inferred from conversation with frew...
2012-10-23 Tomas Doran Fix repository URI in metadata
2012-10-23 Tomas Doran Note use_request_uri_for_path directly in IIS7 docs
2012-07-23 Kieren Diment RT 78545 minor typos
2012-06-08 Frederik Schwarzer Some typos and minor style fixes.
2012-05-31 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typos.
2012-05-31 Frederik Schwarzer Typos and minor style fixes.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typos.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typos.