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2016-01-08 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.001004 master v0.001004
2016-01-08 Matt S Trout fixup ObjectMangling role
2016-01-08 Matt S Trout doooooooom
2012-02-24 Mark Olliver added example on Tak Use
2012-02-12 Matt S Trout fix Ssyshere to Shere after re-reading UUCP protocol...
2011-12-23 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.001003 v0.001003
2011-12-23 Matt S Trout version bump
2011-12-23 Matt S Trout fixup POD
2011-12-23 Matt S Trout add missing Capture/ to mk-fat
2011-12-23 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.001002 v0.001002
2011-12-23 Matt S Trout bump version
2011-12-20 Matt S Trout basic TCP connection support for ConnectorService
2011-12-20 Matt S Trout actually start to add logging to Router
2011-12-20 Matt S Trout richer expose syntax
2011-12-06 Matt S Trout memory leak fixage
2011-12-01 Matt S Trout clone_or_self
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