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2014-12-10 Robert Sedlacek Release commit for 0.000002 master v0.000002
2014-12-09 Robert Sedlacek version bump
2014-12-09 Robert Sedlacek changelog update for move to JSON::MaybeXS
2014-12-09 Robert Sedlacek switch from JSON to JSON::MaybeXS
2012-08-30 Robert 'phaylon... Release commit for 0.000001 v0.000001
2012-08-30 Robert 'phaylon... added author mark so there's an email contact
2012-08-30 Robert 'phaylon... Removed initial release mark so distar can do add its...
2012-08-29 Robert 'phaylon... added Changes file
2012-08-25 Nuno Carvalho Fix Makefile.PL typo
2012-08-08 Robert 'phaylon... release preparations
2012-06-07 Robert 'phaylon... sponsorship mark in pod
2012-06-06 Robert 'phaylon... added sponsorship mark
2012-05-31 Robert 'phaylon... Makefile.PL typo
2012-05-31 Robert 'phaylon... added Makefile.PL
2012-05-30 Robert 'phaylon... basic tests
2012-05-30 Robert 'phaylon... decoder and docs
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