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last changeMon, 17 Oct 2016 15:38:07 +0000
2016-10-17 Graham Knop avoid needing . in @INC in dev mode master
2016-04-19 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000003 v2.000003
2016-04-19 Graham Knop don't rely on . being in @INC
2016-04-18 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000003
2016-04-18 Graham Knop update changelog
2016-04-18 Graham Knop update bundled ExtUtils::HasCompiler to 0.013
2016-04-18 Graham Knop no_index inc
2016-04-18 Graham Knop move XS prereqs to suggests rather than recommends
2015-11-04 Karen Etheridge canonicalize contributor names and addresses mirror/master
2015-11-04 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000002 mirror/testers v2.000002
2015-11-04 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000002
2015-11-04 Graham Knop note additional testing
2015-11-03 Graham Knop test version argument
2015-11-03 Graham Knop test extras activation in v1 path
2015-11-03 Graham Knop more sensible hash vs hashref checking
2015-10-30 Graham Knop use ExtUtils::HasCompiler for compiler detection
7 months ago v2.000003 release v2.000003
12 months ago v2.000002 release v2.000002
17 months ago v2.000001 release v2.000001
21 months ago v2.000000 release v2.000000
21 months ago v1.999_002 release v1.999_002
22 months ago v1.999_001 release v1.999_001
22 months ago v1.005006 release v1.005006
2 years ago v1.005005 release v1.005005
2 years ago v1.005004 release v1.005004
2 years ago v1.005003 release v1.005003
2 years ago v1.005002 release v1.005002
3 years ago v1.005001 release v1.005001
3 years ago v1.005000 release v1.005000
4 years ago v1.004004 release v1.004004
4 years ago v1.004003 release v1.004003
4 years ago v1.004002 release v1.004002
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2 years ago careful-xs
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