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last changeSun, 28 Jun 2015 07:38:13 +0000
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000001 master v2.000001
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000001
2015-06-28 Graham Knop test that we can use the exact current strictures version
2015-06-28 Graham Knop don't rely on VERSION method to retrieve version to...
2015-06-25 Graham Knop changelog
2015-06-25 Graham Knop update abstract since we don't fatalize all warnings...
2015-05-28 Graham Knop changelog
2015-05-28 Graham Knop clean up hint capturing code
2015-05-28 Graham Knop only goto &UNIVERSAL::VERSION on perl 5.10+
2015-05-27 Graham Knop calculate next version to test rather than hard coding
2015-05-27 Graham Knop use string eval for testing hints to avoid compile...
2015-05-27 Graham Knop remove extraneous strictures import in test
2015-05-27 Graham Knop wait until STDERR is restored before rethrowing error...
2015-03-01 Graham Knop more extensive travis testing
2015-03-01 Graham Knop add new experimental::bitwise category
2015-02-27 Graham Knop also check for .bzr
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