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last changeFri, 27 Feb 2015 20:45:08 +0000
35 hours ago Graham Knop also check for .bzr master
2 days ago Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000000 v2.000000
2 days ago Graham Knop remove 1.999 headers from changelog
3 days ago Graham Knop bump version to 2.000000
2015-02-05 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.999_002 v1.999_002
2015-02-05 Graham Knop bump version to 1.999_002
2015-02-05 Graham Knop changelog 5.6 fixes
2015-02-05 Graham Knop add missing 5.6 warning categories
2015-02-05 Graham Knop better diagnostics on version check failure
2015-02-05 Graham Knop avoid goto UNIVERSAL::VERSION on 5.6
2015-02-03 Graham Knop remove extraneous manifest includes
2015-02-01 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.999_001 v1.999_001
2015-02-01 Graham Knop Merge branch 'version-2'
2015-02-01 Graham Knop change to version 1.999_001, but set it to 2 at runtime
2015-01-30 Graham Knop changelog for v2 version-2
2015-01-30 Graham Knop add rationale for category exclusions to docs
2 days ago v2.000000 release v2.000000
3 weeks ago v1.999_002 release v1.999_002
3 weeks ago v1.999_001 release v1.999_001
4 weeks ago v1.005006 release v1.005006
6 months ago v1.005005 release v1.005005
11 months ago v1.005004 release v1.005004
12 months ago v1.005003 release v1.005003
14 months ago v1.005002 release v1.005002
15 months ago v1.005001 release v1.005001
15 months ago v1.005000 release v1.005000
2 years ago v1.004004 release v1.004004
2 years ago v1.004003 release v1.004003
2 years ago v1.004002 release v1.004002
2 years ago v1.004001 release v1.004001
2 years ago v1.004000 release v1.004000
2 years ago v1.003001 release v1.003001
35 hours ago master
4 weeks ago version-2
12 months ago careful-xs
21 months ago compiling_file
2 years ago jnap/stop_warnings_spew