2019-03-10 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000006 master v2.000006
2019-03-10 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000006
2019-03-10 Graham Knop changelog
2019-03-10 Graham Knop add new experimental::private_use warning from blead...
2019-03-10 Graham Knop changelog
2019-03-10 Graham Knop use isolated subdirectory when testing for extras detection
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge capitalize abstract
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 2.000005 v2.000005
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge add contributors to metadata
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge explicitly set this meta variable
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge publish the github repo instead, for easier receipt...
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge add categories new to 5.28.0 to warnings list
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge annotate when declared_refs was added
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge use tr instead of eval on $VERSION
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge stringify version before comparing, as recommended...
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge done_testing > no_plan
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge test on more perl versions
2018-04-20 Karen Etheridge Bumping version to 2.000005
2018-04-19 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000004 v2.000004
2018-04-19 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000004
2017-07-14 Graham Knop changelog
2017-07-14 Graham Knop add experimental::declared_refs to warning list
2016-12-15 Graham Knop add x_authority
2016-10-17 Graham Knop avoid needing . in @INC in dev mode
2016-04-19 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000003 v2.000003
2016-04-19 Graham Knop don't rely on . being in @INC
2016-04-18 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000003
2016-04-18 Graham Knop update changelog
2016-04-18 Graham Knop update bundled ExtUtils::HasCompiler to 0.013
2016-04-18 Graham Knop no_index inc
2016-04-18 Graham Knop move XS prereqs to suggests rather than recommends
2015-11-04 Karen Etheridge canonicalize contributor names and addresses mirror/master
2015-11-04 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000002 mirror/testers v2.000002
2015-11-04 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000002
2015-11-04 Graham Knop note additional testing
2015-11-03 Graham Knop test version argument
2015-11-03 Graham Knop test extras activation in v1 path
2015-11-03 Graham Knop more sensible hash vs hashref checking
2015-10-30 Graham Knop use ExtUtils::HasCompiler for compiler detection
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000001 v2.000001
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Bumping version to 2.000001
2015-06-28 Graham Knop test that we can use the exact current strictures version
2015-06-28 Graham Knop don't rely on VERSION method to retrieve version to...
2015-06-25 Graham Knop changelog
2015-06-25 Graham Knop update abstract since we don't fatalize all warnings...
2015-05-28 Graham Knop changelog
2015-05-28 Graham Knop clean up hint capturing code
2015-05-28 Graham Knop only goto &UNIVERSAL::VERSION on perl 5.10+
2015-05-27 Graham Knop calculate next version to test rather than hard coding
2015-05-27 Graham Knop use string eval for testing hints to avoid compile...
2015-05-27 Graham Knop remove extraneous strictures import in test
2015-05-27 Graham Knop wait until STDERR is restored before rethrowing error...
2015-03-01 Graham Knop more extensive travis testing
2015-03-01 Graham Knop add new experimental::bitwise category
2015-02-27 Graham Knop also check for .bzr
2015-02-26 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000000 v2.000000
2015-02-26 Graham Knop remove 1.999 headers from changelog
2015-02-25 Graham Knop bump version to 2.000000
2015-02-05 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.999_002 v1.999_002
2015-02-05 Graham Knop bump version to 1.999_002
2015-02-05 Graham Knop changelog 5.6 fixes
2015-02-05 Graham Knop add missing 5.6 warning categories
2015-02-05 Graham Knop better diagnostics on version check failure
2015-02-05 Graham Knop avoid goto UNIVERSAL::VERSION on 5.6
2015-02-03 Graham Knop remove extraneous manifest includes
2015-02-01 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.999_001 v1.999_001
2015-02-01 Graham Knop Merge branch 'version-2'
2015-02-01 Graham Knop change to version 1.999_001, but set it to 2 at runtime
2015-01-30 Graham Knop changelog for v2 version-2 mirror/version-2
2015-01-30 Graham Knop add rationale for category exclusions to docs
2015-01-30 Graham Knop update docs for current behavior
2015-01-30 Graham Knop add new warning categories from 5.21 series
2015-01-30 Graham Knop clarify behavior of extras
2015-01-30 Graham Knop use different mechanism for disabling some warnings
2015-01-30 Graham Knop better testing of extra module load failures
2015-01-30 Graham Knop add strictures::extra module
2015-01-30 Graham Knop add 5.20 warning categories
2015-01-30 Graham Knop don't test category list if other modules preloaded
2015-01-30 Graham Knop author test for new warning categories
2015-01-30 Graham Knop comments about why we have some exceptions to fatal
2015-01-30 Graham Knop document version switching and version 2 behavior
2015-01-30 Graham Knop strictures 2, disabling fatal warnings on some categories
2015-01-30 Graham Knop refactor hints testing for better naming and flexibility
2015-01-30 Graham Knop better error handling for bad versions
2015-01-30 Graham Knop factor out env check from file check
2015-01-30 Graham Knop refactor file checking for extras
2015-01-30 Graham Knop refactor extras loading
2015-01-30 Graham Knop store requested strictures version so we can switch...
2015-01-30 Graham Knop reformat docs
2015-01-30 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.005006 v1.005006
2015-01-30 Graham Knop bump version to 1.005006
2015-01-30 Graham Knop mention test cleanup in changelog
2015-01-30 Graham Knop make sure VERSION is numified
2015-01-30 Graham Knop don't silence errors in tests
2015-01-30 Graham Knop list pod test modules as develop prereqs
2015-01-30 Graham Knop avoid using pod checking functions that plan
2015-01-30 Graham Knop add travis config
2015-01-30 Graham Knop split extras testing into separate file and make it...
2015-01-30 Graham Knop fix perl version conditional
2015-01-30 Graham Knop include dir sep in regex in docs