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2014-04-06 Karen Etheridge bump version for next release
2014-03-14 Karen Etheridge use bare filehandles rather than IO::File (patch from...
2014-03-14 Karen Etheridge correct spelling for "arisdottle"
2014-03-13 Karen Etheridge rename some variables for clarity
2014-03-13 Karen Etheridge refactor out _parse_file into the single caller
2014-03-13 Karen Etheridge whitespace fixes
2013-11-21 Karen Etheridge is_indexable( [ $package ] )
2013-11-21 Karen Etheridge minor doc tweak
2013-10-11 David Golden make VERSION assignment regexp ignore fat comma
2013-10-06 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.000019
2013-10-06 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... disable warnings inside generated version sub (RT#89282)
2013-09-11 Karen Etheridge bump version
2013-09-11 Karen Etheridge bump version
2013-09-11 Karen Etheridge detaint version, if needed (RT#88576, Chris Williams) topic/taint
2013-09-10 Matt S Trout add dummy var for the Hiding constant to avoid triggeri...
2013-09-08 Karen Etheridge remove use of "use vars" in main module
2013-09-08 Karen Etheridge add "use warnings" everywhere
2013-08-22 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.000016
2013-08-21 Tomas Doran Version 1.000015 1.000015
2013-08-21 Tomas Doran Doc fix for CVE-2013-1437
2013-05-16 David Steinbrunner typo fix in comment (applied by ether)
2013-05-09 Tomas Doran Version 1.000014 1.000014
2013-05-08 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2013-05-05 tokuhirom Parse POD after __END__
2013-05-05 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.0.12 for release
2013-04-30 tokuhirom Fixed `$metadata->contains_pod`. Because $#x is -1... fix/contains_pod
2013-03-06 Edward Zborowski Improve package detection regular expression
2012-12-22 Karen Etheridge no trailing whitespace
2012-08-16 Chris Nehren Ready 1.0.11 for release release_1.0.11
2012-08-16 Chris Nehren remove other spurious warning people/apeiron/remove-cargoculted-warning release_1.0.10_003
2012-08-16 Chris Nehren apeiron is an idiot release_1.0.10_002
2012-08-16 Chris Nehren Do the (dev) release dance release_1.0.10_001
2012-08-07 Chris Nehren Remove warning for when modules don't do $VERSION ...
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit Test for __(?:DATA|END)__ in the "code" section of...
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit Detect POD sections like perl would
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit Be stricter about which =XXX are POD keywords
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit "defined $x ? $x : undef" better written as "$x"
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit Don't skip lines beginning by # in POD
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit Don't collect "=cut" at the end of a POD section
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit POD tweaks
2012-07-30 Vincent Pit Properly handle BOMs at the beginning of the file
2012-07-29 Vincent Pit Bump version to 1.0.10 and update Changes release_1.0.10
2012-07-29 Craig A. Berry Portability fix-ups for new_from_module()
2012-07-29 Vincent Pit Only compile $PKG_REGEXP and $VERS_REGEXP once
2012-07-28 Vincent Pit Only call _parse_version_expression() for lines that...
2012-07-28 Vincent Pit Optimize POD section handling in _parse_fh()
2012-02-08 David Golden Bump version to 1.000009 and prep Changes for release release_1.0.9
2012-02-08 David Golden use croak instead of die
2012-02-08 David Golden add required 'version' arg to provides()
2012-02-07 David Golden bump version to 1.0.8
2012-02-07 David Golden document that packages_inside is unfiltered
2012-02-07 David Golden add "provides" method for correct CPAN META field gener...
2011-09-07 David Golden Bump version to 1.0.7 release_1.0.7
2011-08-29 David Golden Bump version to 1.0.6 and update Changes release_1.0.6
2011-08-29 Vincent Pit Support "package NAME BLOCK" and "package NAME VERSION...
2011-08-03 David Golden Edited documentation release_1.0.5
2011-08-03 David Golden Add new_from_handle method [RT #68875]
2011-08-03 David Golden Fix references to ModuleInfo [RT #66133]
2011-08-03 David Golden bump version to 1.000005
2011-08-03 Tatsuhiko Miyagawa local $package::VERSION should now actually work
2011-02-03 David Golden bump version to 1.00004 and update Changes release_1.0.4
2011-01-07 David Golden bump version to 1.000003 and timestamp Changes release_1.0.3
2011-01-07 David Golden documentation cleanup
2010-12-10 David Golden bump version and CHANGES for 1.000002
2010-12-10 David Golden Munge non-lax versions when possible
2010-12-10 David Golden Fix up some comments about version manipulation
2010-12-10 David Golden switch from Module::Metadata::Version to
2010-07-08 Matt S Trout Changes file and 1.000001 version bump for release release_1.0.1
2010-07-06 Matt S Trout bump Module::Metadata version to 1.0.0 release_1.0.0
2010-07-06 Matt S Trout POD test plus POD changes to make it pass
2010-03-21 Matt S Trout make fallback actually work
2010-03-21 Matt S Trout no dep
2010-03-03 Matt S Trout import Module::Metadata