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last changeTue, 8 May 2018 15:05:06 +0000
2018-05-08 Graham Knop add travis config master
2016-10-16 Graham Knop avoid needing . in @INC in dev mode
2015-08-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.002005 v1.002005
2015-08-28 Graham Knop Bumping version to 1.002005
2015-08-28 Graham Knop VERSION's caller should also match given location
2015-08-26 Graham Knop changelog for level param fix
2015-08-26 Graham Knop test for level in hash param
2015-08-26 Graham Knop refactor test for clarity
2015-08-26 Doug Bell fix level as hashref argument
2014-08-21 Graham Knop remove realclean from Makefile.PL and let Distar handle it
2014-08-21 Graham Knop remove version bumping make targets and let distar...
2014-08-18 Graham Knop update Makefile.PL boilerplate
2014-08-12 Graham Knop clean up boilerplate
2014-08-04 Graham Knop fix metadata
2014-07-09 Karen Etheridge always specify a base prereq for EUMM
2014-07-09 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 1.002004 v1.002004
6 years ago v1.002005 release v1.002005
7 years ago v1.002004 release v1.002004
7 years ago v1.002003 release v1.002003
7 years ago v1.002002 release v1.002002
7 years ago v1.002001 release v1.002001
7 years ago v1.002000 release v1.002000
8 years ago v1.001001 release v1.001001
9 years ago v1.001000 release v1.001000
9 years ago v1.000003 release v1.000003
9 years ago v1.000002 release v1.000002
9 years ago v1.000001 release v1.000001
9 years ago v1.000000 release v1.000000
3 years ago master