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2014-03-04 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.002001 master v1.002001
2014-03-04 Graham Knop bump version
2014-03-04 Graham Knop changelog
2014-03-04 Graham Knop be compatible with perl 5.6
2014-03-04 Graham Knop don't overwrite line number for entire test file
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge add header
2013-12-11 Matt S Trout I'm an idiot
2013-12-11 Matt S Trout fix changelog
2013-12-10 Graham Knop fix changelog format
2013-12-10 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.002000 v1.002000
2013-12-10 Graham Knop bump version
2013-12-10 Graham Knop add gitignore file
2013-12-10 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-10 Graham Knop slight clarification in docs
2013-12-09 Graham Knop typo fix and line length
2013-12-06 Graham Knop small doc addition
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23 months ago v1.001000 release v1.001000
23 months ago v1.000003 release v1.000003
23 months ago v1.000002 release v1.000002
23 months ago v1.000001 release v1.000001
23 months ago v1.000000 release v1.000000
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