2012-05-17 Matt S Trout context sensitivity dg
2012-05-17 Matt S Trout totally not true anymore
2011-01-29 David Leadbeater Update SYNOPSIS to match tinyrepl
2011-01-12 David Leadbeater No need for around here now we compose
2011-01-12 David Leadbeater Document hints plugin
2011-01-12 David Leadbeater Need to use around to fake class style inheritance...
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Remove this too
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Clarify what and wherefore
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Put core back into core, persistence becomes a plugin
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Add persistent hints
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Add a .gitignore
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Configurable prelude
2011-01-11 Matt S Trout 1.001000 release commit v1.001000
2011-01-11 Matt S Trout add dgl to contributors
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Add a #line directive to identify the source of an...
2011-01-03 Matt S Trout make anon subs work
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout Makefile.PL v1.000000
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout Changes file
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout skeleton docs and copyright notice
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout clean up example to not require extra modules
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout mark tinyrepl executable
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout add test to check non-capture of out of scope lexical
2010-12-04 Matt S Trout handle inner scope lexicals
2010-12-04 Matt S Trout initial import