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2014-11-28 Karen Etheridge newer [OptionalFeature] handles ' escaping properly' master
2014-11-28 Karen Etheridge update plugin config to make use of [OptionalFeature...
2014-11-28 Karen Etheridge clean up the layout of the changelog
2014-11-28 Karen Etheridge now using [Git::Contributors]
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge Devel-REPL-1.003026 v1.003026
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge add SEE ALSO: Reply (RT#92263)
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge add =head1 VERSION sections to pod
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge tidy up pod, adding more markup
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge when Makefile.PL is run non-interactively, default...
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge tighter entries
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge make room for $VERSION after package declaration (newer...
2014-07-16 Karen Etheridge fix version requirement
2013-12-11 Karen Etheridge compileOpts was not added until 0.62 - perl 5.009002
2013-12-01 Ryan Niebur POD fix (RT#88886)
2013-09-29 Karen Etheridge Devel-REPL-1.003025 v1.003025
2013-09-29 Karen Etheridge earlier [Test::CheckDeps] did not inject the right...
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