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last changeTue, 16 Feb 2016 01:15:10 +0000
2016-02-16 Karen Etheridge increment $VERSION after 1.003028 release master
2016-02-16 Karen Etheridge Devel-REPL-1.003028 v1.003028
2016-02-16 Karen Etheridge Changes entry for DDS prereq
2016-02-09 Karen Etheridge refer in metadata to the github mirror, so we can recei...
2016-02-01 Karen Etheridge fix Test::More prereq for done_testing
2015-12-25 Karen Etheridge bump DDS prereq (see RT#105466)
2015-12-07 Karen Etheridge add link to mstpan-17 to SEE ALSO
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge increment $VERSION after 1.003027 release
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge Devel-REPL-1.003027 v1.003027
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge add more mappings, from contributor list snipped from pod
2015-08-16 mgrimes empty commit to add mgrimes to contributor list
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge do not index these secondary packages - they cannot...
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge shorter pod lists
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge weave some pod, respecting overridden authors/legal
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge I no longer use this plugin in my bundle
2015-08-16 Karen Etheridge Changes entry for this release
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