bump version for release
[p5sagit/Devel-REPL.git] / Changes
2012-10-31 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2012-10-31 Karen Etheridge use namespace::autoclean in Moose classes
2012-10-31 Karen Etheridge changelog
2012-05-19 Chris Marshall Update version for 1.003013 release
2010-09-27 Jesse Luehrs version bump
2010-09-27 Jesse Luehrs changes
2010-06-13 Chris Marshall Fixed History to work with ReadLineHistory
2010-06-13 Chris Marshall Update Changes and README
2010-05-23 Arthur Axel 'fREW... release 1.3.10
2010-05-14 Chris Marshall Update Changes re 1.3.9_02 exit_repl attribute
2010-05-14 Chris Marshall Update Changes for 1.3.9_01 VERSION
2010-05-02 Arthur Axel 'fREW... changes
2010-05-02 Arthur Axel 'fREW... fix changelog
2010-05-02 Arthur Axel 'fREW... Merge Changelog
2010-03-08 Dave Houston Taking credit for a one-line hack. 1.3.9
2010-02-11 Arthur Axel 'fREW... changes for my recent patches
2010-02-08 Norbert Buchmuller SIGINT does not quit the REPL.
2009-07-01 t0m Bump versions
2009-07-01 t0m Update MANIFEST.SKIP to not hate subversion users so...
2009-04-10 oliver had to cut a new release, missing some M::I files ...
2009-04-09 oliver version bumps and Changes edit for new release
2009-02-18 Sartak r80226@onn: sartak | 2009-02-17 19:58:22 -0500
2009-02-15 oliver resolve rt.cpan#43109 Missing deps for Default Profile...
2009-02-07 oliver resolve rt.cpan#42904 Nopaste plugin handle undef error...
2009-02-07 oliver make ReadLineHistory history file location portable
2009-01-21 oliver make plugins be M::I features so dependencies are optional
2009-01-18 oliver make plugins be M::I features so dependencies are optional
2009-01-08 oliver Couple of mistakes in the manifest which was last commi...
2009-01-06 oliver update dependency versions, update Changes file from...
2008-02-25 matthewt 1.002001
2008-02-18 Sartak Bump to 1.2.0, releasing to CPAN
2007-11-29 Sartak Add most of my Changes, except the pesky Completion...
2007-11-08 matthewt fix REPL.pm to obsolete NewlineHack, commit changes...