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last changeSat, 16 Aug 2014 07:45:12 +0000
2014-08-16 Karen Etheridge less confusing abstract master
2014-03-21 Arthur Axel... Fix repo metadata
2014-01-01 Arthur Axel... release v2.021 v2.021
2014-01-01 Arthur Axel... Make Dwarn output all arguments even in scalar context
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Release 2.020 v2.020
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Add DumperObject for getting at the underlying obj
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Create Ddie for die'ing output
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Create Ddie for die'ing output
2010-10-23 Arthur Axel... create DwarnF for formatting Dumper'd output
2010-08-31 Arthur Axel... optionalize DwarnN test v2.012
2010-08-31 Arthur Axel... $DwarnN + Devel::ArgNames optional dep
2010-07-30 Arthur Axel... release 2.010 v2.010
2010-07-30 Arthur Axel... add $Dwarn
2010-07-23 Arthur Axel... Add doc for DwarnN and release v2.001
2010-07-22 Arthur Axel... release 2.000 v2.000
2010-07-22 Arthur Axel... Add DwarnN
3 years ago v2.022 release v2.022
3 years ago v2.021 release v2.021
6 years ago v2.020 Release 2.020
6 years ago v2.012 tag for 2.012
6 years ago v2.010 release 2.010
6 years ago v2.001 release 2.001
6 years ago v2.000 release v2.000
2 years ago master
5 years ago weakdump
7 years ago dwarn_only