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last changeFri, 12 May 2017 17:26:22 +0000
2017-05-12 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 2.023 master v2.023
2017-05-12 Aaron Crane Use Trailingcomma option when available (RT#114609)
2017-05-12 Karen Etheridge add $VERSIONs to every module (RT#116427)
2017-05-12 Karen Etheridge Bumping version to 2.023
2017-05-12 Karen Etheridge strip Module::Install, use Distar
2014-08-16 Karen Etheridge less confusing abstract
2014-03-21 Arthur Axel... Fix repo metadata
2014-01-01 Arthur Axel... release v2.021 v2.021
2014-01-01 Arthur Axel... Make Dwarn output all arguments even in scalar context
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Release 2.020 v2.020
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Add DumperObject for getting at the underlying obj
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Create Ddie for die'ing output
2011-01-20 Arthur Axel... Create Ddie for die'ing output
2010-10-23 Arthur Axel... create DwarnF for formatting Dumper'd output
2010-08-31 Arthur Axel... optionalize DwarnN test v2.012
2010-08-31 Arthur Axel... $DwarnN + Devel::ArgNames optional dep
5 years ago v2.023 release v2.023
8 years ago v2.022 release v2.022
8 years ago v2.021 release v2.021
11 years ago v2.020 Release 2.020
11 years ago v2.012 tag for 2.012
12 years ago v2.010 release 2.010
12 years ago v2.001 release 2.001
12 years ago v2.000 release v2.000
5 years ago master
10 years ago weakdump
12 years ago dwarn_only