update git repo url
[p5sagit/Config-Any.git] /
2020-04-15 Graham Knop update git repo url master
2020-04-15 Graham Knop update Config::General prereq to working version
2019-12-28 Graham Knop changelog
2019-08-02 Graham Knop Merge pull request #1 from karenetheridge/ether/improve...
2019-08-01 Karen Etheridge update list of backends and optional dependencies
2019-08-01 Karen Etheridge remove mention of zero bugs
2019-08-01 Karen Etheridge test on latest perls
2018-05-08 Graham Knop add travis config
2017-04-23 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.32 v0.32
2017-04-23 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.32
2017-04-23 Graham Knop changelog
2017-04-23 Graham Knop allow YAML::Syck to fail the error tests
2017-04-23 Graham Knop improve diagnostics in yaml test
2017-04-23 Graham Knop prereq report test
2017-04-23 Graham Knop properly document JSON modules used
2017-04-23 Graham Knop less strict error check
2017-04-23 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.31 v0.31
2017-04-23 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.31
2017-04-23 Graham Knop changelog
2017-04-09 Graham Knop pod cleanups
2017-04-09 Graham Knop include full rt link in pod
2017-04-09 Graham Knop fill out develop/suggests prereqs
2017-04-09 Graham Knop clean up module loading
2017-04-09 Graham Knop white space cleanups
2017-04-09 Graham Knop fix is_supported on General
2017-04-09 Graham Knop always run all tests during release
2017-04-09 Graham Knop move pod tests to xt/
2017-04-09 Graham Knop better diagnostics on test failures
2017-04-08 Graham Knop stop using use_ok
2017-04-08 Graham Knop remove unneeded load test
2017-03-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.30 v0.30
2017-03-28 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.30
2017-03-28 Graham Knop changelog
2017-03-27 Graham Knop avoid YAML::Syck on perl <= 5.8.8
2017-02-27 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.29 v0.29
2017-02-27 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.29
2017-02-27 Graham Knop changelog
2017-02-27 Graham Knop throw error for missing perl files
2017-02-27 Graham Knop check for load failure rather than empty result
2017-02-27 Graham Knop untaint cwd when constructing full perl file path
2017-02-21 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.28 v0.28
2017-02-21 Graham Knop include test corpus in manifest
2017-02-18 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.28
2017-02-04 Graham Knop changelog
2017-02-04 Graham Knop distar-ify
2017-02-04 Graham Knop support Cpanel::JSON::XS and JSON::MaybeXS
2017-02-04 Graham Knop handle UTF-8 data in JSON correctly
2017-02-04 Graham Knop refactor option module loads for JSON subclass
2017-02-04 Graham Knop use absolute paths when loading perl files
2016-03-31 Brian Cassidy prep release mirror/master v0.27
2016-03-31 Brian Cassidy depend on Module::Pluggable::Object directly instead...
2015-04-29 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.26
2015-04-29 Russell Jenkins Capture file load errors for later use.
2015-04-29 Russell Jenkins Test load_files throws parse errors when use_ext=1
2015-04-24 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.25
2015-04-24 Brian Cassidy do not clobber $@ (RT #103061)
2013-09-10 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.24
2013-09-10 Brian Cassidy add JSON::PP to list of available JSON parsers (RT...
2013-09-10 Brian Cassidy remove old YAML warning
2013-08-15 Brian Cassidy typo fix (RT #87779)
2011-07-13 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.23
2011-07-11 Brian Cassidy use is_supported to figure out if we can test a loader
2011-07-04 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.22
2011-07-04 Rafael Kitover add XML::NamespaceSupport to XML format deps, silence...
2011-05-25 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.21
2011-05-25 Brian Cassidy reformat Changes. bump copyright year.
2011-05-25 Brian Cassidy update repo address
2010-12-10 Brian Cassidy fix t/64-extfail.t to pass when t/lib is in @INC
2010-08-06 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.20
2010-08-05 Brian Cassidy remove useless "use Carp", squash warning in test suite.
2010-08-05 Brian Cassidy tidy C::G related code, plus remove an old work-around...
2010-08-05 Brian Cassidy tidy Makefile.PL
2010-08-05 Rafael Kitover better version for Config::General
2010-08-04 Rafael Kitover croak if Config::General is too old
2010-08-04 Brian Cassidy bump ver. add to-be-released line to Changes.
2010-08-02 Andrew Rodland Use Config::Any's friendly error message for required...
2010-08-02 Rafael Kitover require Config::General >= 2.47
2010-08-02 Rafael Kitover enable -ForceArray option by default for Config::General
2010-06-04 Brian Cassidy remove test. forgot to switch branches.
2010-06-04 Brian Cassidy add leaktrace test
2010-02-15 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.19
2010-02-15 Rafael Kitover remove caching code from ::Perl
2010-02-15 Rafael Kitover make perl loader check mtime for cache, prefer JSON...
2009-11-16 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.18
2009-11-16 Brian Cassidy ensure XML loader's _coerce() method checks specificall...
2009-07-21 Brian Cassidy minor tidy to deprecation warning
2009-07-21 Rafael Kitover add warning about using YAML loaders other than ::XS
2009-07-21 Brian Cassidy add YAML::XS to the top of the YAML loaders. tidy up...
2009-05-23 Tomas Doran Add repository resource to all the MI Makefile.PLs
2009-05-07 Tomas Doran Bump required Module::Install version in everything...
2009-02-05 Brian Cassidy add JSON::XS to the top of the JSON loaders list v0.17
2008-12-19 Brian Cassidy ensure require() happens against plugin specified in...
2008-11-17 Brian Cassidy revert change to extensions() as we really want *all... v0.16
2008-11-17 Brian Cassidy fix up branches test which did not handle the errors...
2008-11-12 Brian Cassidy update changes file v0.15
2008-11-12 Brian Cassidy r37256@bricas-laptop (orig r8347): bricas | 2008...
2008-08-06 Brian Cassidy changes file updated v0.14
2008-08-06 Brian Cassidy skip xml failure tests if XML::LibXML < 1.59 is install...
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy release date + misc. v0.13
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy line endings, tabs, perltidy.