fix is_supported on General
[p5sagit/Config-Any.git] / lib / Config / Any /
2017-04-09 Graham Knop fix is_supported on General
2016-03-31 Brian Cassidy prep release mirror/master v0.27
2015-04-24 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.25
2013-09-10 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.24
2011-05-25 Brian Cassidy reformat Changes. bump copyright year.
2010-08-05 Brian Cassidy remove useless "use Carp", squash warning in test suite.
2010-08-05 Brian Cassidy tidy C::G related code, plus remove an old work-around...
2010-08-05 Rafael Kitover better version for Config::General
2010-08-04 Rafael Kitover croak if Config::General is too old
2010-08-02 Andrew Rodland Use Config::Any's friendly error message for required...
2010-08-02 Rafael Kitover require Config::General >= 2.47
2010-08-02 Rafael Kitover enable -ForceArray option by default for Config::General
2010-02-15 Brian Cassidy prep release v0.19
2009-07-21 Brian Cassidy add YAML::XS to the top of the YAML loaders. tidy up...
2008-11-12 Brian Cassidy r37256@bricas-laptop (orig r8347): bricas | 2008...
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy added is_supported() to see what plugins we can use
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy refactor _load(). fix an issue with use_ext => 0. use_e...
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy perltidy
2007-08-22 Brian Cassidy pass special config options to loaders
2007-08-22 Brian Cassidy distro work
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein lots of Config::Any fixes, brought in C::Any testsuite...
2006-08-18 Joel Bernstein Config::Any ready for release to CPAN
2006-08-09 Joel Bernstein Initial import of Config::Any (refactored from Catalyst...