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last changeFri, 9 Mar 2012 14:41:50 +0000
2012-03-09 Dave Rolsky v0.13 master v0.13
2012-03-09 Dave Rolsky Bump version
2012-03-09 Dave Rolsky Credit t0m for change
2012-03-09 Tomas Doran Fix dist.ini to not add Test::Spelling as a requirement
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky v0.12 v0.12
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Bump version
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Changes for next release
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Use autoprerqs
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Require Test::More 0.88
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Make tests pass with Carp 1.25
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Add spelling test
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Do pod coverage tests
2012-03-04 Dave Rolsky Update plugins
2011-08-24 Dave Rolsky Small pod typo fix
2011-06-22 Dave Rolsky Fix doc typo
2011-06-20 Dave Rolsky v0.11 v0.11
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