Make Mouse::Util::load_class return the argument class name, which can remove several...
[gitmo/Mouse.git] / xt /
2010-02-09 gfx Add a DB::sub test to xt/
2010-02-09 gfx Update pod_spell.t
2009-12-18 gfx Add filesystem portability test (indicated by RT #52828)
2009-12-08 gfx Fix typos
2009-11-18 gfx Add pod coverage test, but it does not test yet
2009-10-19 gfx Make pod-coverage-moose.t pending
2009-10-19 gfx Fix a testname (poe-coverage-moose.t -> pod-coverage...
2009-10-19 Tokuhiro Matsuno added failing test case for RT#47744
2009-09-25 gfx Add pod tests
2009-09-25 gfx Improve documents
2009-04-11 Tokuhiro Matsuno fixed pod mark up bug. and added Test::Pod test.