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last changeThu, 28 Mar 2013 16:13:18 +0000
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky v0.27 master v0.27
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Bump version
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Add more test plugins & use AutoPrereqs
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Make test prereq versions explicit in code
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Can't specify prereq version with require
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Tidy all code
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Make prereq requirements explicit in code
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Require Moose 2.00
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Changes for next release
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Fix for breakage with Moose 2.08
2011-11-18 Dave Rolsky Add failing test for initializer with class attr
2011-06-06 Dave Rolsky v0.26 v0.26
2011-06-06 Dave Rolsky fix attr ->default method to work like it does for...
2011-06-06 Dave Rolsky Use SurgicalPodWeaver
2011-06-06 Dave Rolsky Add Changes tests
2011-06-06 Dave Rolsky No need for copyright_year
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