2010-11-10 John Napiorkowski fix and regression test for RT #62642
2010-10-30 Alexander Hartmaier Removed unintentionally doubled cd pk trigger from...
2010-10-29 Arthur Axel... fREWFail: Remove IRC topic from DBIx::Class
2010-10-28 Arthur Axel... release 0.08124 v0.08124
2010-10-28 Arthur Axel... Changes for 0.08124
2010-10-28 Peter Rabbitson Generalize leak-trace handling
2010-10-28 Peter Rabbitson Test::Builder2 has a fancy set of singletons
2010-10-28 Peter Rabbitson podcoverage exception (how did I miss *that*!?)
2010-10-27 Arthur Axel... release 0.08123_03
2010-10-27 Arthur Axel... add changes from last few commits
2010-10-27 Amiri Barksdale... View-dep cleanups (really paper overs, code needs a...
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Bring back deleted classes
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Latest DBD::SQLite really went to shit >:(
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson This test in fact requires DT::F::SQLite
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Add a fix to cookbook recipe
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Fix load_namespaces fail when classes tinker with $_
2010-10-27 Norbert Buchmuller Fixed a prefetch bug (o2m->prefetch_o2m+order_by+rows)
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Add undocumented ability to disable the join optimizer
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Automatically mark the cap. framework methods as unimpl...
2010-10-27 Peter Rabbitson Fail gracefully on Config::Any PROFILE-loading errors
2010-10-26 Arthur Axel... release 0.08123_02
2010-10-26 Arthur Axel... bump version for dev users
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson $sth->{Active} may throw during destruction >.<
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson Extra adjustments of find() documentation and code...
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson Extra authordeps
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson Patch up weird MRO fail on 5.8 perls
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson Temporary fixes for 5.13.x $@ handling
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson Break out the txn_scope_guard tests, some cleanup
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson gitignore MYMETA
2010-10-26 Peter Rabbitson Get test suite to pass under 5.13.6 (peepeeness!)
2010-10-23 Peter Rabbitson -ident implementation
2010-10-23 Peter Rabbitson Remove useless use of Storable from t/100extra_source.t
2010-10-22 Peter Rabbitson Return a unique list of k/vs from get_inflated_columns
2010-10-22 Peter Rabbitson Massive cleanup of transaction handlers
2010-10-21 Peter Rabbitson Make sure t/storage/debug.t passes with DBIC_TRACE_PROF...
2010-10-21 Peter Rabbitson Add Hash::Merge exception to the leak test
2010-10-20 Arthur Axel... add SEE ALSO
2010-10-18 Aaron Crane Doc fix: DBIx::Class::Row->discard_changes documented...
2010-10-17 Robert Bohne Skip cross-schema tests for Oracle 8i (no clear fix...
2010-10-17 Robert Bohne Fixed test for hierarchical queries with Oracle 8i.
2010-10-17 Peter Rabbitson Merge branch 'people/riba/find_cleanup' into people...
2010-10-17 Peter Rabbitson Test for already fixed RT#59219
2010-10-17 Peter Rabbitson Extensive updates to find/key related documentation
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Fix find() with an explicit constraint name (... {...
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson De-golf _is_deterministic_value, add more tests for...
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Reduce mount of perlgolf in ResultSet.pm
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Remove support for find( col1 => $val1, col2 => $val2...
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Add a unique constraint to artist.name in the test...
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Switch t/relationship/core.t $@ checks to Test::Exception
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Add deprecation warning to DBIx::Class::ResultSetProxy
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Remove _is_unique_query (more dead code from 2006)
2010-10-16 Peter Rabbitson Deleting long forgotten ::Storage::DBI:Role:QueryCounter
2010-10-16 Aaron Crane Fix bug in update of resultset using qualified conditio...
2010-10-16 Robert Bohne fixed oracle test sequence detection from a different...
2010-10-14 Alexander Hartmaier fixed wrong sequence returned when multiple triggers...
2010-10-14 Peter Rabbitson Stop adding GROUP BY's to subqueries that do not contai...
2010-10-14 Peter Rabbitson Fix spotty handling of complex order_by relationship...
2010-10-14 Peter Rabbitson Set name_sep by default (even if unused). Simplify...
2010-10-14 Peter Rabbitson That's an embarrasing c/p :(
2010-10-13 Peter Rabbitson Undocument lies
2010-10-12 Peter Rabbitson Require unborked CAG
2010-10-12 Peter Rabbitson Clarify $rs->update/delete documentation
2010-10-12 Peter Rabbitson Clarify ResultSet RV docs, bring set_cache RV in line...
2010-10-12 Peter Rabbitson Improve the leak tracer - hook bless() as early as...
2010-10-12 Peter Rabbitson Load sqlite backup required modules on demand only
2010-10-10 Peter Rabbitson Rename vaguely named internal method
2010-10-10 Peter Rabbitson Entire test suite passes under DBIC_TRACE=1
2010-10-06 Arthur Axel... feature doc map
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Remove a stack frame from the SQLA Carp overrides
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Delay construction of try block until an active $sth...
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Remove deprecated use of qw// as (qw//)
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Make Data::Page total count evaluation lazy
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Fix compose_namespace rsrc leaks, introduce a badass...
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Minor cleanup of memory cycle tracing and IC::DT inflat...
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Reorganize runmode detection a bit
2010-10-04 Peter Rabbitson Changes/author for a1e1a51
2010-10-04 wreis Extend proxy rel attr
2010-10-04 David Schmidt example for columns explaining correlation to select/as
2010-09-25 Jess Robinson Added ontes on where to override store_column (request...
2010-09-21 Mark Dominus fix precedence error in Row->_is_column_numeric
2010-09-21 Peter Rabbitson Fix RT61503 (bump DateTime::Format::Pg dep)
2010-09-21 Peter Rabbitson Disable author mode during cpanX --installdeps .
2010-09-18 Peter Rabbitson Make test suite pass under DBICTEST_SQLITE_USE_FILE=1
2010-09-18 Peter Rabbitson Fix leak of $sth during populate() on perls < 5.10
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Fix forgotten external-$dbh test warnings
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson No longer explicitly disconnect on ::Storage DESTROY
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Fix the exception-hungry exception_action
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Remove duplicate test (same as end of t/storage/error.t)
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Remove bogus pre-txn_begin first-connect call
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Optimize RowNum limit dialect as per suggestion in...
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Rename incorrectly named internal method (has nothing...
2010-09-17 Peter Rabbitson Make _server_info() _determine_driver-bound
2010-09-16 Arthur Axel... DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE
2010-09-16 Nigel Metheringham FilterColumn tweaks - docs and parameter tests
2010-09-06 Jess Robinson Modernising/updating of the ::Manual::FAQ
2010-09-06 Jess Robinson Adding twitter account link to docs
2010-09-05 Jess Robinson Adding more manual bits to main Manual.pod
2010-09-04 Arthur Axel... Preserve unblessed reference exceptions
2010-09-01 Peter Rabbitson Don't try to load DBIx::Class during the Makefile.PL...
2010-08-31 Peter Rabbitson Fix mysterious ::Storage::DBI goto-shim failures on...