2012-02-17 John Napiorkowski change all the tests to use the new test schema namespace migration_schema
2012-02-16 Arthur Axel... how did I miss this?
2012-02-16 Arthur Axel... add basic unit tests for MigrationSchema
2012-02-10 John Napiorkowski test cases for recent changes and test DBs other than...
2012-02-10 John Napiorkowski when running perl scripts in deploy, use a $schema...
2012-02-02 Arthur Axel... v0.001006 v0.001006
2012-02-02 John Napiorkowski let you install to a given point in the version history
2012-02-02 John Napiorkowski ignore macosx garbage files
2012-02-02 Yanick Champoux Fix more spelling
2012-02-02 John Napiorkowski have backup called correctly
2012-02-02 John Napiorkowski fix to make reasonable defaults work
2012-02-02 Yanick Champoux refactor the parsing of SQL files
2012-02-02 Devin Austin removed Method::Signatures::Simple
2012-02-02 Arthur Axel... croak on a couple errors that should be fatal
2012-02-02 Peter Rabbitson Warn-free test suite with later DBIC
2011-08-09 Yanick Champoux Stop deleting the wrong version
2011-08-09 Yanick Champoux s/yeild/yield/
2011-07-28 Arthur Axel... remove unneeded use statement
2011-07-10 Arthur Axel... Fix documentation for in the Cookbook
2011-04-13 Arthur Axel... v0.001005 v0.001005
2011-04-13 Arthur Axel... changes
2011-04-11 Arthur Axel... add _any feature
2011-03-23 Anthony Gladdish add some extra doc for non-integer version users
2011-02-24 Arthur Axel... fix minor issues reported on RT
2010-09-28 Nigel Metheringham Correct path used for DH schema info storage
2010-09-28 Nigel Metheringham Added comment about DBICDH_TRACE to see whats happening
2010-09-28 Nigel Metheringham Added force_overwrite switch to install script
2010-09-28 Nigel Metheringham Add artistid to populate script
2010-09-28 Nigel Metheringham Correct the resultset used for deployment
2010-09-28 Nigel Metheringham Correct the directory name for the populate script
2010-07-30 Arthur Axel... v0.001004 v0.001004
2010-07-30 Arthur Axel... Fix incorrect POD in SYNOPSIS
2010-07-30 Arthur Axel... Add missing attribute to DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler...
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... v0.001003 v0.001003
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... No need to check what DBICDH does for us
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... rearrange tutorial and codebits
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... env > !perl
2010-07-16 Jonathan Dobbie Start companion to Catalyst introduction
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... better error message for blank schema
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... fix silly bug
2010-07-16 Arthur Axel... ZOMG use strict and warnings in tests
2010-07-13 Drew Taylor clarify version bumping
2010-07-10 Arthur Axel... add force_overwrite attribute to SQLTDM
2010-07-10 Arthur Axel... do not accidentally include an sqlite database again
2010-07-10 Arthur Axel... v0.001002 v0.001002
2010-07-10 Arthur Axel... Rework tutorial
2010-07-10 Arthur Axel... MOAR TUTORIAL
2010-07-10 Arthur Axel... Rework tutorial
2010-07-10 Jonathan Dobbie Initial commit of intro
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Fix tests to be in-memory
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Make ignore_version connect attr more robust
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Changes
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Run all serialized-sql files if we are not generating ddl
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Add method which we can use for deploying without ddl
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Fix directory of single-source-serialized-schemas
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Do not put version storage in regular deploy schema
2010-07-04 Arthur Axel... Test prepare_install
2010-06-26 Arthur Axel... v0.001001 v0.001001
2010-06-14 Arthur Axel... fix bad parameters to version_storage install methods
2010-06-14 Gamid Isayev fix try/catch typo
2010-06-11 Arthur Axel... v0.001000 v0.001000
2010-06-11 Arthur Axel... package logger instead of default logger
2010-06-04 Arthur Axel... v0.001000_14 v0.001000_14
2010-06-04 Arthur Axel... new version
2010-06-04 Arthur Axel... switch preinstall to initialize
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel... v0.001000_13 v0.001000_13
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel... Documentation for _source and and _preprocess_schema
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel... Remove undocumentation
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel... Ensure that ignore_ddl works without generated SQL
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel... Rearrange directory names of tree
2010-06-02 Arthur Axel... Get rid of _generic support
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Directory specification complete
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Initial work on specification docs
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Add transforms for column renames etc
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Use newly refactored code for DB interaction
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Refactor SQL generation code
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Make ignore_ddl test fail
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Initial test for ignore_ddl
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Rename method so people can use it
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Refactor to use serialized SQLT; take out more json...
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Fix translate calls for YAML
2010-06-01 Arthur Axel... Remove JSON code because we no longer need it
2010-05-30 Arthur Axel... logger automatically prepends [DBICDH] now
2010-05-28 Arthur Axel... v0.001000_12 v0.001000_12
2010-05-28 Arthur Axel... add git repo since dzil doesnt detect it right
2010-05-27 Arthur Axel... warn when people try to upgrade w/o needing to
2010-05-27 Arthur Axel... Changes
2010-05-27 Arthur Axel... nicer logging
2010-05-25 Arthur Axel... add missing dep
2010-05-25 Arthur Axel... remove bogus tests
2010-05-23 Arthur Axel... need new L::C
2010-05-23 Arthur Axel... Dlog should work thanks to new release of L::C
2010-05-22 Arthur Axel... SQL errors should cause DBICDH to die
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... v0.001000_11 v0.001000_11
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... Changes
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... Use serialized sql instead of vanilla sql
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... better logging of sql
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... refactoring to allow more code reuse
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... factor out _run_* methods
2010-05-21 Arthur Axel... No longer need to match the first part of a file