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last changeThu, 18 Dec 2014 15:43:51 +0000
2014-12-18 Arthur Axel... faster travis builds master
2014-05-16 Arthur Axel... v0.002211 v0.002211
2014-05-16 Arthur Axel... add missing newline for no-linenumber-change dzil
2014-05-16 Arthur Axel... Add a few missing ABSTRACTs
2014-05-16 Arthur Axel... use PickyPodWeaver so we do not need ABSTRACTs for...
2014-01-31 Arthur Axel... fix coverage testing (thanks Matthew Horsfall!)
2014-01-31 Arthur Axel... Put coverage testing back
2014-01-31 Arthur Axel... v0.002210 v0.002210
2014-01-31 Lianna Eeftinck Make source order stable to avoid non-changes in git
2014-01-31 Douglas Early Ensure that sqltargs are passed to deploy when ignore_d...
2014-01-31 Arthur Axel... Correctly strip lines that are all whitespace
2014-01-31 Arthur Axel... Ditch RT
2013-12-28 Arthur Axel... v0.002209 v0.002209
2013-12-28 Arthur Axel... github is better than gitosis/gitweb
2013-12-28 Arthur Axel... stop using Class::MOP::load_class (RT#91003)
2013-09-21 Arthur Axel... v0.002208 v0.002208
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