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last changeSat, 28 Dec 2013 00:08:50 +0000
2013-12-28 Arthur Axel... v0.002209 master
2013-12-28 Arthur Axel... github is better than gitosis/gitweb
2013-12-28 Arthur Axel... stop using Class::MOP::load_class (RT#91003)
2013-09-21 Arthur Axel... v0.002208 v0.002208
2013-09-21 Arthur Axel... Fix under perl 5.19.4
2013-09-21 Arthur Axel... remove coverage for now
2013-09-21 Arthur Axel... test against travis
2013-09-21 Arthur Axel... switch to using cpanfile for storing deps
2013-08-30 Arthur Axel... v0.002207 v0.002207
2013-08-30 Arthur Axel... Modernize LC usage
2013-08-02 Fabien Wernli Fix Can't locate object method "result_source_instance...
2013-03-09 Arthur Axel... v0.002206 v0.002206
2013-03-09 Arthur Axel... Fix embarrassing broken charity link
2013-02-19 Arthur Axel... v0.002205 v0.002205
2013-02-19 Arthur Axel... Changes
2013-02-19 Arthur Axel... reduce bonus whitespace in Changes
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20 months ago v0.002200 v0.002200
21 months ago v0.002115 v0.002115
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23 months ago v0.002113 v0.002113
2 years ago v0.002112 v0.002112
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