2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Added -scripts option to for script updating
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper templates
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Committed LTJake's XHTML patch for debug screen
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Updated Plugins.pod a bit
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Removed a couple warn calls
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Applied LTJake's patch to make welcome page validate...
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Updated Manifest
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Refactored restarter into a subclass of Engine::HTTP...
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated script generation
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Changed helpers to default to long types, Controller...
2005-11-02 Matt S Trout - Made forward use $c->component($command) instead...
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Added Catalyst::Controller, Catalyst::Model and Catalys...
2005-11-02 Matt S Trout - Move config stuff etc. out into Catalyst::Component...
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Added JavaScript to debug screen, to show and hide...
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some warnings
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Fixed MyApp->config->{show_internal_actions}
2005-11-01 Yuval Kogman Mention Catalyst::Plugin::Session in Catalyst::Manual...
2005-11-01 Yuval Kogman Add dump_these method to Catalyst, which returns the...
2005-11-01 Andy Grundman Added detection of older engine versions
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Turned action registration inside-out
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Punted get_action to ActionContainer
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Made relative regexps work
2005-11-01 Andy Grundman Updated Manifest
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Refactored get_action into get_action and get_actions
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->config->{show_internal_actions}
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Fixed pod
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - sub foo :Path { ... } now works!
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Split _DISPATCH out into _BEGIN, _AUTO, _ACTION and...
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Added new _DISPATCH private action for dispatching
2005-11-01 Andy Grundman Fixed typo in helper
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Fixed pod
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Updated fcgi engine for multi process external support
2005-10-31 Yuval Kogman Example for Catalyst::Utils::apprefix
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Fixed prereq bug
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Removed JSAN support from core
2005-10-31 Yuval Kogman Releng, test fixes, bug fixes for Session plugins
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Made JSAN support optional
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Updated script generation
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Added JSAN support
2005-10-30 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook: added require-user-login patch from Chisel
2005-10-30 Jesse Sheidlower WritingPlugins added to main Man page
2005-10-29 Matt S Trout - Made Action accessor names more consistent (namespace...
2005-10-29 Andy Grundman Reverted restarter change, until some fixes are made
2005-10-28 Andy Grundman Require HTTP::Body >= 0.03 for the memleak test
2005-10-28 Andy Grundman Updated HTTP::Body dep to 0.03
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Updated Changes
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Updated HTTP engine to watch for changes to directory...
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Optimized the _index function to not run File::Find...
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Updated Changes
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Fixed HTTP engine to exit the restarter process if...
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Fixed Changes file to remove 5.34 and full_uri
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Updated CGI and FastCGI tests to not delete the tmp...
2005-10-27 Andy Grundman Killed the last memory leak
2005-10-26 Andy Grundman Allow user-specified uri to test for leaks
2005-10-26 Andy Grundman Combined memleak test with stress test to test all...
2005-10-26 Andy Grundman Added nicer size strings to memleak test
2005-10-26 Andy Grundman Fixed use GTop
2005-10-26 Andy Grundman Added a memory leak test
2005-10-25 Matt S Trout - path_to.t fixed on Windows, thanks to LTjake
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg prepare for _02...
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg make the httpd fail if it can't bind.
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg s/hope/hopes
2005-10-25 Sebastian Riedel Updated manifest
2005-10-25 Sebastian Riedel Added path_to method
2005-10-25 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->error(0) support
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg add support for args to uri_for.
2005-10-24 Andy Grundman Fixed path in stress test data
2005-10-24 Andy Grundman Added a simple stress test that hits every URI in the...
2005-10-24 Matt S Trout - And the one that sliiped through
2005-10-24 Matt S Trout - Fixed CAT_BENCH_ITERS :)
2005-10-24 Matt S Trout - Updates action tests to use CAT_BENCH_ITERS or 2...
2005-10-24 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some typos
2005-10-24 Matt S Trout - Fixed Index, cleaned up get_action
2005-10-23 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-10-23 Andy Grundman Changed default match to use path instead of result
2005-10-23 Sebastian Riedel Fixed Catalyst::Test to not throw a exception when...
2005-10-23 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some typos
2005-10-23 Sebastian Riedel Updated dispatcher
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Optimized the path split a bit
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Fixed the args passed to default
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Added a failing test for args passed to default
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Fixed index test to work around HTTP::Response bug
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed a typo
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Added expected actions tests to index test
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Moved first-level index to a new controller so inherite...
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed index action
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Added a first-level controller index test, that passes
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Added index tests, 2 are failing
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Updated manifest
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed a typo
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Added index action and fixed get_action
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Added on demand DispatchType loading
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed public action lists
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned all new classes
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Fixed default action in appclass
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Added a bunch of comments to new dispatcher code
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Shifted Path dispatch into a DispatchType and nuked...
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Removed dead code
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - Start of DispatchType refactor