2006-07-09 David Kamholz cookbook cleanup, small fix in MANIFEST.SKIP
2006-07-09 Kennedy Clark Remove extraneous 'TT bogus assignment' and update...
2006-07-08 Kennedy Clark Update setting urllist (thanks, Marcus)
2006-07-08 Kennedy Clark Update based on testing of 5.7000
2006-07-08 Kennedy Clark Format Catalyst::Manual::Intro in list to match others.
2006-07-07 David Kamholz fix warning message annoyance with FastCGI engine
2006-07-07 Kennedy Clark Intro.pod patch from blblack
2006-07-07 Kennedy Clark Fix TT 2.15 issue in BasicCRUD.
2006-07-07 Marcus Ramberg Fix test skipping of http tests
2006-07-07 Marcus Ramberg prepared changes for release.
2006-07-07 Marcus Ramberg fix threads test.
2006-07-07 Kennedy Clark Add tip about use statement and element container class.
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Update revision numbers.
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Remove comment about code not being in subversion yet.
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Rename doublebug test
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Version number.
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Add root controller to make optional tests fail
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg make most http_server tests run
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Updated welcome message
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Add Catalyst::Helper use line
2006-07-06 Matt S Trout updated Makefile.PL to need 0.63
2006-07-06 Matt S Trout GODDAMN WARNINGS
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Fix svn URL.
2006-07-06 Matt S Trout fixup pod
2006-07-06 Matt S Trout fixes to uri_for_action on Chained
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Fix POD errors
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Prepared to release 5.7000
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Add comment about bug "override"
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Misc updates.
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Minor fixes
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Minor tweak
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Update revision numbers in 'svn co' commands.
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Ensure version check is correct.
2006-07-06 Kieren Diment pre-release proof-read/edit of Intro
2006-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower typos
2006-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower Rearrangement of Intro.pod
2006-07-06 Kennedy Clark Add MySQL code to Appendix 2 (thanks to Jim Howard)
2006-07-05 Kennedy Clark Switch from 'sub base :Path :Args(0)' to 'sub index...
2006-07-05 David Kamholz two tiny cleanups in trunk
2006-07-05 Kennedy Clark Fix order issue re ActionClass
2006-07-05 Kennedy Clark Overhaul the RenderView sections.
2006-07-05 Jesse Sheidlower More light Intro work
2006-07-05 Kennedy Clark Add requirement for Catalyst::Devel
2006-07-05 Kennedy Clark Remove references to DefaultEnd.
2006-07-05 Kieren Diment moved cookbook entries into categories and gave a very...
2006-07-05 Jesse Sheidlower Intro.pod formatting
2006-07-05 Jesse Sheidlower light work on Intro: more still needed
2006-07-04 David Kamholz don't export some functions we don't need to export...
2006-07-04 Kennedy Clark Add link to most recent version in subversion so that...
2006-07-04 Kennedy Clark Rough draft of changes for RenderView.
2006-07-04 Kennedy Clark Fix of svn path to Catalyst-Runtime from Kenny Gatdula
2006-07-04 Kieren Diment removed some verbosity from mod_perl section, clarified...
2006-07-04 Jesse Sheidlower Installation doc adds; tweaks to docs of
2006-07-03 Kennedy Clark Fix "direction" of relation required by role_rel in...
2006-07-03 David Kamholz further cleanup to stats code
2006-07-02 David Kamholz clean up debug server stats code, now resembles working
2006-07-01 Matt S Trout typo fix
2006-06-29 Kennedy Clark Fix typo: s/is self/itself/
2006-06-28 Marcus Ramberg prepared for dev relase 03
2006-06-28 Matt S Trout update changes
2006-06-28 Brian Cassidy fix the list of plugins in the debug output
2006-06-28 Kennedy Clark Misc fixes
2006-06-28 Kennedy Clark Get rid of more "the ... manpage" POD things
2006-06-28 Matt S Trout fixup to Catalyst::Utils::home
2006-06-28 Jesse Sheidlower doc tweaks to
2006-06-28 Jesse Sheidlower Added proper NAME sections to two pods
2006-06-28 Jesse Sheidlower light Cookbook work
2006-06-27 Jesse Sheidlower nuked old Tutorial
2006-06-27 Jesse Sheidlower doc updates, esp. DefaultEnd related
2006-06-26 David Kamholz Plugins.pod cleanup
2006-06-26 Kennedy Clark Convert 'sub default :Private' actions to 'sub base...
2006-06-25 Kennedy Clark Misc minor fixups.
2006-06-25 Matt S Trout coverage all passes
2006-06-25 Matt S Trout fixup coverage on all but C::Dispatcher
2006-06-24 Kennedy Clark Add info about TT debug flags.
2006-06-24 Yuval Kogman Clean up Catalyst::Utils::home for better readability
2006-06-24 Yuval Kogman Avoid dying when $c->ref->body is a ref but not an...
2006-06-23 Kennedy Clark Fix some L<...> to not show the annoying "the ... manpa...
2006-06-23 Brian Cassidy ripped out the guts of merge_config_hashes and put...
2006-06-23 Marcus Ramberg Corrected failing pod tests
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout added core team to AUTHOR of Catalyst/
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Improved message in
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout put VERSION back into Catalyst for MB retardation
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout moved version to ::Runtime, modified Makefile.PL
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout updated Changes
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Moved Chained intro to dispatch type and made recursion...
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Chained: test and err handling for absolute path parts...
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout fixed sort order bug
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout New test for no Args() order mismatch
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Captures -> CapureArgs
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Documented auto/forward/detach behaviour for chains...
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout auto/forward/detach tests for Chained
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Corrected 'snippets' -> 'captures' in Chained Intro
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout added :Chained('.'), changed :Chained to /
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout New Chained documentation for Intro
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Corrected forgotten relabeling
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout :Chained and :Chained('.') tests
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout and the test script
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout rah. rename everything.
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout optional PathPart and PathPart+Args tests for ChildOf