reluctantlt move setup_trace before setup_plugins (we want it for use in plugins)
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / t /
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski stash is now middleware
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski removed old PSGI Engine backcompat
2014-06-04 Henry Van Styn version 5.90065 5.90065
2014-05-27 John Napiorkowski merge new log stuff
2014-05-27 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'master' into ancona
2014-05-13 Henry Van Styn API change: autoflush (log) now on by default + unit...
2014-05-12 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Use a fixed body in response header tests
2014-05-07 Mark Ellis Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ancona
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix test failures when running under CATALYST_DEBUG...
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove redundant ->setup call in t/head_middleware...
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix spelling, grammar and structural errors in POD
2014-05-03 Graham Knop fix loading inline packages in tests
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski test case to prove that HEAD chops off the body but...
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski silence warning about redefinition of variable
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski more docs and test cases for ENV localization
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski fixed case where end action was called even if an http...
2014-04-14 John Napiorkowski fix for problem when a http style exception overloads... 5.90062
2014-02-17 John Napiorkowski testing behavior of URI_FOR when running as an embedded...
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski comment out test case
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski sketch for httpmethods _ new psgi utils / tests
2014-01-27 Mark Ellis Added an extra test that dies in the middle of a chain
2014-01-27 Upasana 1xx responses do not have any headers
2014-01-27 Upasana Wrote tests for Plack::Middleware::RemoveRedundantBody
2014-01-27 Upasana Added routes for testing correct working of Plack:...
2014-01-06 Upasana Added docs explaining missing route for /go_here
2014-01-06 John Napiorkowski fixed spelling tests
2013-12-26 John Napiorkowski if an exception is http, let middleware handle it
2013-12-24 John Napiorkowski fixed regression in previous release
2013-12-21 John Napiorkowski first pass at not streaming via the catalyst app, but...
2013-12-18 John Napiorkowski better error messages when the middleware does not...
2013-12-18 John Napiorkowski tweak the test case
2013-12-17 John Napiorkowski look a failing test case...
2013-11-04 Mark Ellis fixed failing test
2013-11-02 Mark Ellis fixed failing test and maybe travis
2013-11-02 Mark Ellis Fixed failing tests where you Starman is installed...
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski test cases and fixes for the nested param data handler
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski removed plack.request keys
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski finished test cases
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski first pass test case
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski test case boilerplate
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski fixed spelling fail
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski test cases for the new Hash::MultiValue feature
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski let you use Hash::MultiValue everywhere if you like it
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski from psgi res tests working
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski first pass at making Catalyst act enough like PSGI...
2013-10-17 John Napiorkowski changed the way test dumping a request works
2013-09-20 John Napiorkowski merged conflicts
2013-09-08 Karen Etheridge Class::MOP::load_class, is_class_loaded was deprecated...
2013-08-21 Karen Etheridge remove all unnecessary shebangs
2013-08-21 Karen Etheridge convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
2013-08-20 John Napiorkowski added test case for parsing JSON and updated changlog
2013-08-20 John Napiorkowski first pass at data handlers
2013-08-15 John Napiorkowski fixed author side test becase Test::TCP changed its...
2013-07-24 John Napiorkowski first draft psgi middleware support complete
2013-07-23 John Napiorkowski first pass at middleware tests
2013-07-23 John Napiorkowski fix pod and spelling errors
2013-07-23 John Napiorkowski fixed author side test becase Test::TCP changed its...
2013-06-16 Wallace Reis Unicode - do not warn for legacy apps
2013-06-16 Wallace Reis Unicode - fix decoding process for uploads
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski make sure we do not require unfount dependencies
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski move test to author
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski remove and tweak tests that depend on Params::Nested...
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski move test
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski make tests pass
2013-06-14 Wallace Reis Fix dependecy loop
2013-06-14 Mark Ellis Fixed bug where if encoding was set in the config file...
2013-06-12 John Napiorkowski fix broken tests
2013-06-12 John Napiorkowski merged after conflict resolution
2013-06-12 Dimitar Petrov Better configuration key name
2013-06-12 Dimitar Petrov Add comment to the test
2013-06-12 Dimitar Petrov Add option to break a chain if error occurs
2013-05-26 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - rework exception handler
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - remove additional config setting
2013-05-24 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix waiting for the server to start in t/author/http...
2013-05-24 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Merge branch 'stricter-chained-arg-attrs' into Sicilian...
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - rework encoding default config
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - move docs to main
2013-05-21 John Napiorkowski let you not finalize a request when you wish to jailbre...
2013-05-14 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Disallow negative counts for CaptureArgs and Args
2013-05-13 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add tests for new Chained strictures
2013-05-10 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin: import tests and update current ones
2013-04-01 Mark Grimes Adds author name (mgrimes) to the spelling stopwords
2013-03-29 Mark Grimes Remove Regex/LocalRegex code and tests from core
2013-03-27 Mark Grimes Remove Regex/LocalRegex code and tests from core
2013-03-25 Fitz Elliott fix broken tests for new psgi logging code
2013-03-25 Fitz Elliott update docs and tests for cpanfile support
2013-03-12 Andreas Marienborg Change PSGI tests from subtests to blocks
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg Add some description to the test
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg Add test for logging via psgi env
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg First stab at a solution
2013-02-18 Dimitar Petrov Fix text indention
2013-02-12 John Napiorkowski some sort of docs for controller action subroutine...
2013-02-11 John Napiorkowski new match and match captutres for http methods, plus...
2013-02-11 John Napiorkowski added more stop words to the spelling test to surprise...
2013-01-26 Colin Newell HTML encode the link in the 302 redirect page to preven...
2013-01-05 Karen Etheridge work with MooseX::Getopt 0.48 by using the new public...
2013-01-04 Tomas Doran Revert "work with MooseX::Getopt 0.48 by using the...
2012-12-27 Karen Etheridge work with MooseX::Getopt 0.48 by using the new public...
2012-12-10 Ferruccio Zamuner Fixed the TODO test, it works now.
2012-12-05 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Make URI query param tests simpler and more robust