stop using Moo as a test package
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / t / lib /
2017-09-26 Graham Knop stop using Moo as a test package
2016-06-08 John Napiorkowski lets see if we can silence the error strawberry perl...
2015-11-07 Thomas Sibley Test for recent regression parsing Args()
2015-10-10 Graeme Lawton Args() wasn't being processed as unlimited number of...
2015-10-09 Graeme Lawton Fixed :Path() empty brackets attribute not registering...
2015-04-14 John Napiorkowski make this test lib like all the others
2015-03-25 John Napiorkowski test cases for the args0 issue
2015-01-20 André Walker Add test case for OPTIONS
2014-12-26 John Napiorkowski changes so that we skip encoding under programmatic...
2014-12-02 John Napiorkowski more utf8 tests and fixes
2014-08-07 John Napiorkowski we no longer need this test
2014-08-06 John Napiorkowski change default log level to info
2014-07-21 John Napiorkowski merged the encoding plugin to Catalyst.p,
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski stash is now middleware
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski removed old PSGI Engine backcompat
2014-05-12 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Use a fixed body in response header tests
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix test failures when running under CATALYST_DEBUG...
2014-01-27 Mark Ellis Added an extra test that dies in the middle of a chain
2014-01-27 Upasana 1xx responses do not have any headers
2014-01-27 Upasana Added routes for testing correct working of Plack:...
2014-01-06 Upasana Added docs explaining missing route for /go_here
2013-12-18 John Napiorkowski tweak the test case
2013-12-17 John Napiorkowski look a failing test case...
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski test cases and fixes for the nested param data handler
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski removed plack.request keys
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski finished test cases
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski first pass test case
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski test case boilerplate
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski let you use Hash::MultiValue everywhere if you like it
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski from psgi res tests working
2013-10-17 John Napiorkowski changed the way test dumping a request works
2013-09-20 John Napiorkowski merged conflicts
2013-09-08 Karen Etheridge Class::MOP::load_class, is_class_loaded was deprecated...
2013-08-21 Karen Etheridge remove all unnecessary shebangs
2013-08-21 Karen Etheridge convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
2013-08-20 John Napiorkowski added test case for parsing JSON and updated changlog
2013-07-24 John Napiorkowski first draft psgi middleware support complete
2013-07-23 John Napiorkowski first pass at middleware tests
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski remove and tweak tests that depend on Params::Nested...
2013-06-14 Mark Ellis Fixed bug where if encoding was set in the config file...
2013-06-12 John Napiorkowski merged after conflict resolution
2013-06-12 Dimitar Petrov Better configuration key name
2013-06-12 Dimitar Petrov Add option to break a chain if error occurs
2013-05-26 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - rework exception handler
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - remove additional config setting
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - rework encoding default config
2013-05-10 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin: import tests and update current ones
2013-03-29 Mark Grimes Remove Regex/LocalRegex code and tests from core
2013-03-27 Mark Grimes Remove Regex/LocalRegex code and tests from core
2013-03-25 Fitz Elliott fix broken tests for new psgi logging code
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg Add test for logging via psgi env
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg First stab at a solution
2013-02-18 Dimitar Petrov Fix text indention
2013-02-11 John Napiorkowski new match and match captutres for http methods, plus...
2013-01-26 Colin Newell HTML encode the link in the 302 redirect page to preven...
2012-10-23 Tomas Doran Stop being insane
2012-08-28 Gareth Kirwan Change Catalsyt _parse_attrs so that when sub attr...
2012-08-16 John Napiorkowski patch to make prepare_parameters not be both a builder...
2012-06-30 Tomas Doran Fix ->finalize_headers getting called twice. RT#78090
2012-06-25 Andrew Rodland Fix CPAN RT#76179
2012-06-08 Florian Ragwitz Move Controller::ActionRole's functionality into the...
2012-05-25 skaufman tests and patch for Controller to accept action_args...
2012-05-24 Gerda Shank fix body_parameters is undef when no params
2012-05-05 Tomas Doran Remove dep on B::H::EOS, for RT#76437
2012-03-13 Brian Phillips prevent body_params from being reset on each access
2012-03-01 Tomas Doran Simplify loading madness back to what I was originally...
2012-02-29 Tomas Doran Add fake Makefile.PL to make test apps think they're...
2012-02-29 Tomas Doran Fix for tests
2012-01-22 Tomas Doran Another recusion warning
2012-01-22 Tomas Doran Merge remote branch 'origin/no_state_in_engine'
2011-12-01 Brian Cassidy silent warnings from Data::Dumper about dummy CODE...
2011-11-22 Matthias Dietrich Changed ActionRole to ActionClass
2011-11-22 Matthias Dietrich Implemented match_captures
2011-10-25 Tomas Doran Move all request state out of the engine into Request...
2011-10-25 Tomas Doran Store the script options in the engine.
2011-10-21 André Walker fixing to work with perl 5.8
2011-10-21 André Walker Suppressing Data::Dumper warnings in test t/aggregate...
2011-10-21 Florian Ragwitz Implement automatic role loading for script classes.
2011-10-21 Tomas Doran Merge remote branch 'origin/suppress_data_dumper_warnings'
2011-10-05 Tomas Doran Kill irritating warning
2011-10-05 Tomas Doran Fix issue with array refs and actions from config....
2011-09-02 Oskari Okko Ojala Tests for redirects
2011-08-02 André Walker fixing to work with perl 5.8
2011-08-01 André Walker Suppressing Data::Dumper warnings in test t/aggregate...
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Merge master into psgi branch
2011-07-15 Brian Phillips skip setting cookies that can't be created successfully
2011-06-01 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-05-16 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Append $\ in Catalyst::Response->print
2011-05-15 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-05-05 Ton Voon Fixed situation where a detach($action) from a forward...
2011-05-03 Dave Rolsky Add a test to make sure that a die in a Controller...
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Add a test for configuring attributes for all actions
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Add a test view for dumping actions
2011-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Remove testsuite's assumptions about where it's mounted...
2011-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-02-15 Tomas Doran Fix 5.80 bug which causes slurp to fail if called multi...
2011-02-14 Tomas Doran Fix body predicate bug/back compat issue
2011-01-28 Alexander Hartmaier added test for chained dispatcher fail on multiple...
2011-01-23 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2010-12-17 Tomas Doran Fix the case for body '0'