make pre tags in the error page wrap instead of scroll, while style being pre-ish...
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst /
2005-12-30 Yuval Kogman make pre tags in the error page wrap instead of scroll...
2005-12-07 Sebastian Riedel Switched to 500 status for exceptions
2005-12-07 Sebastian Riedel Switched to 500 status for exceptions
2005-11-29 Sebastian Riedel Fixed debug screen
2005-11-29 Sebastian Riedel Removed scrollbar from debug screen
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Reformatted documentation
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Fixed multiple header bug
2005-11-08 Andy Grundman Fixed streaming write from a filehandle to stop writing...
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Applied more xhtml tweaks from LTJake
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Committed LTJake's XHTML patch for debug screen
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Removed a couple warn calls
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Added JavaScript to debug screen, to show and hide...
2005-11-01 Yuval Kogman Add dump_these method to Catalyst, which returns the...
2005-10-20 Andy Grundman Close ->res->body if it's a handle
2005-10-20 Sebastian Riedel Added support for IO::Handle in $c->res->body
2005-10-12 Andy Grundman Dropped URI::Query, put back old query code, moved...
2005-10-11 Andy Grundman Added upload parameters back into req->params
2005-10-11 Sebastian Riedel Removed req->handle and res->handle
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Added prepare_body_chunk method for upload progress...
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Merged 5.49_01 (r1339) from refactored branch to trunk
2005-09-26 Andy Grundman Backed out memory leak workaround, bumped Text::ASCIITa...
2005-09-23 Andy Grundman Added temporary workaround for debug memory leak in...
2005-07-05 Sebastian Riedel Fixed $Data::Dumper::Terse
2005-06-23 Christian Hansen Improved rendering error messages in $c->finalize_error
2005-06-21 Christian Hansen Moved logic from Catalyst::import() to Catalyst::Setup...
2005-06-21 Christian Hansen Moved all setup methods to Catalyst::Setup
2005-06-20 Christian Hansen Fixed table debug output
2005-06-20 Christian Hansen Fixed table debug messages to be more portable
2005-06-14 Christian Hansen Added Catalyst::Exception
2005-06-10 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->detach for non returning forwards
2005-05-31 Christian Hansen Fixed HTTP/1.1 issues
2005-05-28 Christian Hansen added $log->is_(debug|info|warn|error|fatal)
2005-05-27 Christian Hansen added support for non Catalyst::Base components
2005-05-26 Christian Hansen use || 0 instead
2005-05-26 Christian Hansen Updated Changes
2005-05-26 Christian Hansen Fixed memory leak
2005-05-24 Christian Hansen Fixed: don't autmoatically resolve hostnames
2005-05-18 Marcus Ramberg fixed pod errors.
2005-05-17 Christian Hansen Minor performance tweaks, added $c->request->user
2005-05-05 Christian Hansen Added SpeedyCGI, partly fixed HTTP::Daemon
2005-05-03 Sebastian Riedel Added deep recursion detection
2005-04-29 Christian Hansen Reverting back to old behavior for components
2005-04-28 Christian Hansen Fixed preserve component order for instantiation
2005-04-27 Christian Hansen Added support for non C::Base components to live in...
2005-04-27 Jesse Sheidlower minor typos in new
2005-04-27 Christian Hansen Fixed config in C::Base and stash in C::Engine
2005-04-25 Christian Hansen Fixed uninitialized warnings with HTTP::Daemon
2005-04-24 Christian Hansen Added $c-req->protocol and $c->req->secure
2005-04-23 Sebastian Riedel Reverted chansens changes
2005-04-23 Christian Hansen Added body_ref and body_length and minor optimization...
2005-04-22 Christian Hansen Fixed: benchmark reporting on Win32 (Matt S Trout)
2005-04-21 Christian Hansen Fixed C::E::CGI to allow reuse of object
2005-04-20 Christian Hansen Fixed debug log, sort params before output
2005-04-19 Christian Hansen Applied patch from Andy Grundman <andy@hybridiz...
2005-04-18 Sebastian Riedel Fixed $self, maybe
2005-04-18 Marcus Ramberg updated: Added docs for 2 missing functions
2005-04-17 Christian Hansen Renamed to to be consistent
2005-04-16 Christian Hansen Fixed Request/Response body
2005-04-16 Christian Hansen Fixed MP19 uploads. Added request/response body. Added...
2005-04-16 Sebastian Riedel Added Catalyst::Utils
2005-04-16 Christian Hansen added $c->prepare_input and $c->req->input
2005-04-16 Sebastian Riedel Added advanced attributes handling
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel die on error
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel some code cleanup
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel fixed absolute forward in root and cleaned tables
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel removed code from logs
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel i want some kick ass tests for this :)
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel dispatcher sounds better
2005-04-10 Sebastian Riedel split engine in engine and dispatcher, so chansen makes...
2005-04-10 Christian Hansen Added Catalyst::Request::Upload
2005-04-10 Christian Hansen Corrected upload for all engines
2005-04-07 Sebastian Riedel fixed forward
2005-04-07 Marcus Ramberg revised documentation for 5.0
2005-04-07 Sebastian Riedel relative forwards call every matching private method!
2005-04-04 Sebastian Riedel fixed what i've borked
2005-04-04 Sebastian Riedel fixed Local in
2005-04-04 Christian Hansen remove "last unless $c->state" from if statement
2005-04-04 Christian Hansen Don't stringify blessed errors in ->execute
2005-04-04 Christian Hansen return if scalar @{$c->error}; for auto
2005-04-04 Sebastian Riedel auto actions
2005-04-04 Christian Hansen return if $c->error or last unless !$c->state
2005-04-04 Christian Hansen minor $c->state cleaning
2005-04-04 Sebastian Riedel pluggable dispatcher
2005-04-04 Christian Hansen add URI::http to C::E::Apache so it gets loaded during...
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel lalala
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel cleanup
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel prettier logs
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel second try
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel prettier logs
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel fixed $c->req->action(undef)
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel fixed typo
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel prettier tables
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel cleanup
2005-04-03 Sebastian Riedel added dependency to Text::ASCITable for some eyecandy...
2005-04-02 Sebastian Riedel prettier lists
2005-04-02 Sebastian Riedel prettify update
2005-04-02 Sebastian Riedel prettier statistics
2005-04-02 Christian Hansen don't override status or content_length
2005-04-02 Christian Hansen oups, typo in regexp
2005-04-02 Christian Hansen don't give 'No Output' error on 1xx or 3xx status