private_path method for actions that returns a string suitable for use in forward...
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / Changes
2009-07-11 Guillermo Roditi private_path method for actions that returns a string...
2009-07-08 Tomas Doran More ->config fixes + Changelog
2009-07-07 Dave Rolsky Deleted the old Restarter and associated code.
2009-07-05 Tomas Doran Fix warning, and only warn if really needed
2009-06-30 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80007. 5.80007
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Add missed bug fixes to changelog
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Test case for a way to make C3 crap itself by partially...
2009-06-30 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Core fix for warnings due to undef body as per fix...
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Mangle changelog to remove names. Note mangling goes...
2009-06-30 Cory G Watson Claim my work, in case it breaks. ;)
2009-06-30 Cory G Watson Add new uri_with mode for appending.
2009-06-30 Eden Cardim updated Changes
2009-06-29 Tomas Doran Don't mangle query parameters passed to uri_for, the...
2009-06-29 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.80006. 5.80006
2009-06-28 Tomas Doran Fix bug from RT#46459, misc cleanups in Catalyst::Test
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Moar changelogging.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-06-25 Rafael Kitover Merge 'trunk' into 'namespace_handling_refactor'
2009-06-22 Tomas Doran Use merge_hashes rather than dclone
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran Remove MockObject from Makefile.PL
2009-06-17 Tomas Doran Back out 10498 and 10097
2009-06-10 Luke Saunders prevent encoding plus signs in uri_for args
2009-06-07 Moritz Onken Changes patches
2009-06-07 Moritz Onken Added support for ~ prefix to plugins and action classes
2009-06-06 Marcus Ramberg Prepare for 05 5.80005
2009-06-06 Rafael Kitover update Changes
2009-06-04 Hans Dieter Pearcey Test validity of Args attribute for Chained actions
2009-06-01 Tomas Doran Changelog
2009-05-29 Tomas Doran And trivial fix by not using up
2009-05-28 Tomas Doran Require new MX::MethodAttributes. Mark retardo plugin...
2009-05-26 Tomas Doran Changelog change just committed, also split changes...
2009-05-21 Tomas Doran Fixed ->engine->env in Catalyst::Test, kmx++
2009-05-21 Tomas Doran Fix ->engine->env for the second time. I shouldn't...
2009-05-21 Tomas Doran Doc clarification, domm++
2009-05-21 Tomas Doran Merge the branch which gives ->req->remote_user without...
2009-05-19 Dan Dascalescu Fixed "its" vs "it's"
2009-05-19 Dan Dascalescu Fixed minor typo in Changes
2009-05-18 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80004. 5.80004
2009-05-15 Tomas Doran Fix on demand parsing of ->req->parameters
2009-05-14 Tomas Doran Changelogging
2009-05-13 Tomas Doran Unknown error has been vanquished.
2009-05-13 Tomas Doran Fix the meta method test
2009-05-13 Tomas Doran Bump Moose dep to fix tests, bump %conflicts for things...
2009-05-13 Roland Lammel Rename the actions attribute in Catalyt::Controller...
2009-05-13 Tomas Doran Fix ->engine->env for the dev server. Catalyst-Plugin...
2009-05-12 Tomas Doran Add a few more tests for this issue in various other...
2009-05-12 Tomas Doran Fix docs as pointed out on the list
2009-05-10 Dave Rolsky The moose fix is in 0.78
2009-05-07 Tomas Doran Test in Catalyst for 349cda in Moose
2009-05-05 Tomas Doran Fix deprecation error message in dispatcher to be useful.
2009-05-01 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-04-29 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80003. 5.80003
2009-04-29 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-04-29 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-04-28 Dave Rolsky Duh, I prefer putting my actual name in changes
2009-04-28 Dave Rolsky Add note to changes about dying on inline_constructor...
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Rewrite C3 chunk of Catalyst::Upgrading to hopefully...
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Patch for uri_for_action with regex dispatch from RT...
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Fix RT#43375
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Changelogging
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Tests for setup_stats, its all good..
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Bump Moose dep, remove MOP dep as Moose already depends...
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Bump MX::MA again, couple of little tidyups
2009-04-26 Tomas Doran Somewhat, but not much more sane. There are still bugs...
2009-04-24 Tomas Doran Fix bug when not using B::Hooks::OP::Check::StashChange
2009-04-22 Florian Ragwitz Fix the unattached chain debug table for endpoints...
2009-04-22 Dan Dascalescu Updated changelog with POD fixes for Catalyst::Test
2009-04-22 Florian Ragwitz Turn of test aggregation by default.
2009-04-21 Florian Ragwitz Merge changelog entries. 5.80002
2009-04-21 Tomas Doran Changelog, use stdout in tests to be less noisy
2009-04-21 Matt S Trout pass replace_constructor when making app immutable...
2009-04-21 Marcus Ramberg Prepare for 5.800002
2009-04-21 Tomas Doran Restartable app class on perl 5.10. More evil hackery..
2009-04-21 Tomas Doran Fixed non-moose classes initialization order issues...
2009-04-20 Tomas Doran Unfuck Catalyst::Plugin::Log::Dispatch
2009-04-20 Tomas Doran Bugfix for 5.8 regression found in C::C::DBIC::API
2009-04-20 Tomas Doran Fix column width of unattached chains table
2009-04-20 Tomas Doran Fix warning message, patch from dev list.
2009-04-19 Tomas Doran Bump MX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable dep, changelog
2009-04-18 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80001. 5.80001
2009-04-18 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-04-18 Marcus Ramberg Update delta
2009-04-15 Brian Cassidy verbage fix.
2009-04-14 Tomas Doran Changelog and sed s/website authors/application authors/
2009-04-14 Tomas Doran Can has sane version plzkthnx?
2009-04-14 Tomas Doran Test uri_with clears query params
2009-04-14 Cory G Watson Add uri_with tests (nothing was broken, but I had some...
2009-04-12 Marcus Ramberg Prepare for maybe-release
2009-04-12 Tomas Doran Warnings from C::Base
2009-04-12 Tomas Doran Changelogging
2009-04-12 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'register_actions'
2009-04-03 Hans Dieter Pearcey add uri_for_action to Changes
2009-04-02 Tomas Doran Tidy error, remove debug, tidy warn.
2009-03-29 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-03-25 Tomas Doran Merge up r9572 and r9577 from 5.70
2009-03-25 Hans Dieter Pearcey add $res->code to Changes
2009-03-22 Tomas Doran Merge 'add_captures_to_visit' into 'trunk'
2009-03-22 Tomas Doran Make chaining to yourself explode at app load time...
2009-03-21 Tomas Doran Cleanup, changelog