2013-05-16 Jesse fixed typo (link) (from mauke)
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge fix mispaste in Changelog
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge add =encoding to make pod tests happy 5.9007
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge changelog for next release
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge fix missing Changes entries
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge include the r/w repo spec for contributors
2013-02-20 Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 typo: correct file name
2013-02-20 Paul Waring RT #83398: Patch to fix POD warnings
2013-02-20 Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 correct repo URL
2012-11-08 Kennedy Clark Prep for build (V5.9006)
2012-11-08 Kennedy Clark Fix missing = in =head1
2012-11-01 Kieren Diment bump version
2012-11-01 Kieren Diment warning about IIS inferred from conversation with frew...
2012-10-23 Tomas Doran Fix repository URI in metadata
2012-10-23 Tomas Doran Note use_request_uri_for_path directly in IIS7 docs
2012-07-23 Kieren Diment RT 78545 minor typos
2012-06-08 Frederik Schwarzer Some typos and minor style fixes.
2012-05-31 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typos.
2012-05-31 Frederik Schwarzer Typos and minor style fixes.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typos.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typos.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Seems to make more sense that way.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typo.
2012-05-30 Frederik Schwarzer Fix typo.
2012-05-21 Kieren Diment RT 77322 fix
2012-05-16 Kieren Diment fix typo
2012-05-03 Kieren Diment version and changes
2012-05-03 Kieren Diment some small changes to Components.
2012-03-20 sockmonk Removed mention of Catalyst::Plugin::Email and Catalyst...
2012-03-20 sockmonk copy 2 lines from chapter 5 to chapter 6 code. RT 71178
2012-02-28 Rafael Kitover update nginx+fcgi deployment guide for PSGI compat
2012-02-17 Tomas Doran Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-02-17 Tomas Doran Version 5.9003 5.9003
2012-02-17 Tomas Doran Pointless .gitignore in wrong place
2012-02-17 Tomas Doran Fix Pod
2012-02-17 Jesse Sheidlower Fixed wrong app name for socket in non-root config
2012-02-16 Tomas Doran Update for nginx non-root to have more info
2012-02-12 Matt S Trout wrong bloody URL
2012-02-12 Matt S Trout terms were the wrong way round
2012-02-12 Kieren Diment remove extraneous stuff oops (thanks the_jester).
2012-02-12 Kieren Diment Mention PSGI in Manual::Intro RT# 74872 (Thanks to...
2012-02-12 Kieren Diment Changes prompted by RT 74869 (thanks William Blunn).
2012-02-05 Dominic Humphries Hilight the importance of uncommenting the template...
2012-01-20 Kieren Diment clarified Data Dumper usage. RT#71410 Thanks to Bill...
2012-01-20 Kieren Diment chef deployment, thanks Alexey Melezhik
2011-12-20 Tomas Doran Fix spelling
2011-12-05 Tomas Doran Note re SSL for nginx fastcgi as this is an FAQ
2011-11-29 Tomas Doran Fix mistake with auto method location
2011-11-17 Tomas Doran Yes, we do still emulate CAF, but let's not advertise...
2011-09-04 Jesse Sheidlower Trivial typo fix
2011-09-03 hkclark Prep for build (v5.9002)
2011-09-03 hkclark Switch to Fluxbox as recommended way for X b/c of size
2011-09-03 hkclark Use 'sudo' to run root-level commands
2011-09-03 hkclark Reflect non-root prompt
2011-09-03 hkclark Switch from user 'root' to 'catalyst' on VM
2011-09-03 hkclark Add some docs about installing X Windows
2011-09-03 hkclark Make MAINCOMPUTER prompt more prominent
2011-09-03 hkclark Add comment about $ vs # prompt
2011-09-03 hkclark Merge branch 'tutorial_update_1108'
2011-09-03 hkclark Update MANIFEST.SKIP
2011-09-03 hkclark Request VM feedback
2011-09-02 hkclark Prep for build (v5.9001)
2011-09-02 hkclark Mostly changes to avoid pod2html warnings
2011-09-02 hkclark Fix RT link, remove wrong link and fix date
2011-09-02 hkclark Fix out of date link and make keepalive warning more...
2011-09-02 hkclark Fix pod2html warnings
2011-09-02 hkclark Finalize things for VM
2011-09-02 hkclark Misc updates for VM
2011-09-02 hkclark Add comment about local::lib
2011-09-02 hkclark Show more accurate login prompts
2011-09-02 hkclark Add comment for RT #31164
2011-09-02 hkclark Add "next chapter" links to the bottom of each page...
2011-09-01 hkclark Lots of updates for use with Tutorial Virtual Machine
2011-09-01 hkclark Add warning to people making tutorial updates
2011-09-01 hkclark Remove todo
2011-09-01 hkclark Add missing StackTrace
2011-09-01 hkclark Update note about how to get the tutorial source code
2011-09-01 hkclark Update StackTrace wording
2011-09-01 hkclark Fix many_to_many and Perl vs. perl
2011-09-01 hkclark Updates for VM, switch to C::P::StatusMessage
2011-09-01 hkclark Switch to C::P::StatusMessage
2011-09-01 hkclark Remove old ref to flash
2011-09-01 hkclark Rewrap/reformat paragraphs
2011-09-01 hkclark Reformat/rewrap and add links
2011-09-01 hkclark Misc updates for VM release
2011-09-01 hkclark RT #68379
2011-09-01 hkclark Mention Log4perl and Log::Dispatch; fix path to match VM
2011-09-01 hkclark RT #68377
2011-09-01 hkclark RT #68376
2011-09-01 hkclark Add clarification about need for "| html"
2011-09-01 hkclark Update for VM and StatusMessage
2011-08-31 hkclark Reformat/wrap paragraphs
2011-08-31 hkclark Lots of updates (incld migration to C::P::StatusMessage)
2011-08-30 hkclark Update for VM
2011-08-30 hkclark Update for VM
2011-08-30 hkclark Update for VM
2011-08-30 Tomas Doran Additional link as suggested by Matt Hicks on -dev...
2011-08-30 hkclark Put back in leading spaces to keep code blocks contiguous
2011-08-30 hkclark Put back in leading spaces to keep code blocks contiguous