2010-02-17 Kennedy Clark Convert tabs to spaces.
2010-02-16 Kennedy Clark Add some additonal info about DBIC relationships
2010-02-16 Kennedy Clark Add DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn to required packages...
2010-02-16 Kennedy Clark Additional adjustments to get consistent wording ...
2010-02-16 Kennedy Clark Move mention of different "stash styles" to Ch2
2010-02-16 Kennedy Clark Better integrate the use of "-r" into the flow.
2010-02-16 Kennedy Clark Add some additional background info ...
2010-02-15 Kennedy Clark Use -r option for server
2010-02-15 Kennedy Clark Switch to svn for sample tutorial code
2010-02-07 Rafael Kitover update chapter 9 POD
2010-02-07 Rafael Kitover update chapter 9 formfu POD
2010-02-07 Rafael Kitover update chapter 8 POD
2010-02-07 Rafael Kitover minor change to chapter 6 POD
2010-02-07 Rafael Kitover chapter 5: recommend Memcached, minor changes
2010-02-07 Rafael Kitover no need to set resultset_class with load_namespaces...
2010-02-02 Kieren Diment tutorial reference implementations are no longer tarbal...
2010-02-02 Rafael Kitover add PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON; to the DDL
2010-02-01 Kieren Diment fix grammar typo
2010-02-01 Kieren Diment clarified docs on pural table naming
2010-02-01 Rafael Kitover updates to tutorial for new loader and sqlite fks
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing change whitespace to reflect current formatting
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing remove now uneeded reminders to restart the server
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing show output of reloaded server after updating an action
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing make killing the server a note
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing add note on server reload and finding more options
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing update output for request
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing update output
2010-01-20 Caleb Cushing make attribute list syntax consistant
2010-01-07 Dan Dascalescu Fixed the URL for the Catalyst flowchart
2010-01-07 Dan Dascalescu Moved 'Extending RenderView' at the end of the Controll...
2010-01-07 Dan Dascalescu Fixed minor typo
2009-12-31 Caleb Cushing fix missing username/password in Login controller
2009-12-29 Tomas Doran Require Pod::Simple which understands L<foo|url> in...
2009-12-29 Jonathan Yu revert my changes, L<|...> is okay according to rafl
2009-12-29 Jonathan Yu fix typos
2009-12-29 Jonathan Yu fix more uses of L<..|blah> (causes Test::Pod failures)
2009-12-29 Jonathan Yu remove several sentences which were duplicates (strange...
2009-12-28 Kennedy Clark Prep for release (v5.8003)
2009-12-13 Kennedy Clark Merge in final set of changes from wolfman2000. A...
2009-11-20 Jason Felds Link to Template [Toolkit].
2009-11-20 Jason Felds Add some descriptions to the components. I'm guessing...
2009-11-20 Jason Felds If the others are bolded, why not this one?
2009-11-19 Tomas Doran Patch from osfameron++
2009-11-19 Tomas Doran Merge 'tutorial_role_updates' into 'trunk'
2009-11-19 Tomas Doran Merge 'altreus-is-fixing-inconsistencies' into 'trunk'
2009-11-19 Kennedy Clark Fix link to FormHandler
2009-11-18 Alastair McGowan... Fix incorrectness re :Global and :Local
2009-11-18 Gerda Shank fix links to FormHandler
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Add link.
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Fix dead link.
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Out of data? I think out of date is meant here.
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Add links to the databases. Let the users see what...
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Fix minor grammatical issue.
2009-11-15 Jonathan Yu Fix this issue:
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Prep for build (5.8002)
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Update FormFu AdvancedCRUD section to use pre-build...
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Add FormHandler branch (with thanks to gshank!)
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Integrate sqlite3 clarification and link by wolfman2000...
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Add a "negative" test to confirm that test02 does not...
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Integrate tome fix branch (with thanks to tome!)
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Update version numbers and misc adjustments
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Update version numbers to match current versions in...
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Fix indenting issue (with thanks to Kiffin Gish)
2009-11-14 Tomas Doran Pod patch to Cookbook
2009-11-14 Tomas Doran Another Pod fix, RT#51488
2009-11-14 Jason Felds Add link to SQLite, ensure they get version 3.
2009-10-28 Kennedy Clark Update tutorial for latest versions of Cat-related...
2009-10-21 Iñigo Tejedor... intall -> install
2009-10-19 Breno G. de... Fixed some typos
2009-10-15 Andrew Rodland Fix a Test::Pod failure and make Debian happier.
2009-10-07 Kennedy Clark Minor fixes
2009-10-07 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2009-10-07 Tomas Doran Double stupid the there. What was I doing when I did...
2009-10-07 Andrew Rodland Make =head1 NAME match the filename
2009-10-04 Tomas Doran Clean up and add to the docs about forwarding.
2009-10-01 Tomas Doran Show the new way of doing things
2009-10-01 kostya Added 'use MooseX::MethodAttributes ();' for roles...
2009-09-28 Tomas Doran Add fixme
2009-09-16 Tomas Doran Put Manual::Plugins back as a stub so we don't have...
2009-09-16 Tomas Doran Fix unicode plugin docs in -Manual
2009-09-13 Tomas Doran jester++ # A million spelling/grammar/typo corrections
2009-09-02 Tomas Doran Fix svn and git uris
2009-09-01 Tomas Doran Loads of cleanup / updating work
2009-08-24 Justin Hunter fix PathPart typo
2009-08-10 Jesse Sheidlower typo-fixing, light rewriting in DevelopmentProcess
2009-08-10 Tomas Doran Expand CatalystAndMoose somewhat, re-arrange the Develo...
2009-07-27 Dan Dascalescu hyperlinked with() to point to Moose/with
2009-07-26 Tomas Doran Shitload of ::Manual fixes, add some FIXMEs which I...
2009-07-13 Breno G. de... fixed tabbing on changes file
2009-07-13 Breno G. de... changed linebreak position to avoid arrow "->" be repre...
2009-07-13 Breno G. de... replace reference to deprecated CatalystX::ListFramewor...
2009-06-25 Kieren Diment instructions on how to read the tutorial
2009-06-10 Kennedy Clark Fix typo (Gerda Shank)
2009-06-09 KMX C::Manual - little Cookbook update (PAR creation)
2009-06-09 Kieren Diment log
2009-06-09 Kieren Diment fix typo for cat-install script
2009-06-06 Kennedy Clark RT #46618 fix
2009-06-06 Kennedy Clark Fix typos in appendix emacs note and misplaced quote...
2009-06-03 Dan Dascalescu Moved BindLex to obsolete plugins and added FormFu...
2009-05-28 Kennedy Clark Fix minor typo