Cleanup other references to myapp.yml to myapp.conf
[catagits/Catalyst-Manual.git] / lib / Catalyst / Manual / Tutorial / Authentication.pod
2008-05-24 Kennedy Clark Cleanup other references to myapp.yml to myapp.conf
2008-05-24 Kennedy Clark Add additional information for transition from YAML...
2008-05-23 Kieren Diment yaml expurgation and placeholders for a couple of upcom...
2008-05-22 Kennedy Clark Rework tutorial. Lots of things changed, but key items...
2008-05-16 Kieren Diment updated manual
2007-10-25 Jay Kuri Tweaking authenticate call and related text
2007-10-25 Peter Karman method name changed from login() to authenticate()
2007-10-25 Peter Karman change example to match new Auth realms API
2007-06-23 Kieren Diment shlomi fish "patch" *sigh*
2007-01-26 Jesse Sheidlower fixed bit on session stores in Auth Tut
2006-12-30 Kennedy Clark Fix URL to match Catalyst-Manual. Thanks to Jose María...
2006-10-27 Jonathan Rockway Catalyst::Manual is now in the correct state.