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2008-07-09 Kieren Diment rollback to use Catalyst qw/@plugins/
2008-07-09 Kieren Diment ec2 images, and some typo corrections
2008-06-05 Kieren Diment moving to use parent stuff for docs
2008-05-30 Kieren Diment final pre-release tweak to manual
2008-05-28 Kieren Diment expurgating deprecated default and index actions
2008-04-10 Ricardo SIGNES add text to L<> to avoid nonsense
2007-12-30 Kieren Diment typo oops
2007-12-30 Eden Cardim fixed documentation referring to deprecated Catalyst...
2007-10-05 Matt S Trout fix sqlite CLI util name to sqlite3 to save people...
2007-08-08 Ash Berlin Update mailing list URLs
2007-02-13 Kieren Diment doc improvements
2007-02-12 Jonathan Rockway applying doc patch regarding :Private from Troy Davis
2006-10-20 Jonathan Rockway Moving Catalyst::Manual from Catalyst-Runtime to Cataly...