Release commit for 5.9011
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2020-07-22 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.9011
2019-04-25 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.9010
2019-04-14 Graham Knop link fixes
2019-04-14 Graham Knop remove unneeded link text
2019-03-10 Graham Knop end module before pod
2019-01-22 Graham Knop remove trailing whitespace
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge amend the documentation for copyright/licence
2016-02-25 Karen Etheridge document the location of the RT queue, the mailing...
2016-02-25 Jay Hannah Catalyst::Manual::Plugins is deprecated.
2014-12-13 Karen Etheridge bump version to 5.9009
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge make bump
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2013-02-20 Paul Waring RT #83398: Patch to fix POD warnings
2012-11-08 Kennedy Clark Prep for build (V5.9006)
2012-11-01 Kieren Diment bump version
2012-05-03 Kieren Diment version and changes
2012-02-17 Tomas Doran Version 5.9003 5.9003
2011-09-03 hkclark Prep for build (v5.9002)
2011-09-02 hkclark Prep for build (v5.9001)
2011-08-16 Tomas Doran Version 5.9000 5.9000
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran Version 5.8901 5.8901
2011-08-02 Tomas Doran Version 5.8008 5.8008
2011-04-29 Tomas Doran Version 5.8007 5.8007
2011-04-29 Tomas Doran Version 5.8006 v5.8006
2010-10-29 Kieren Diment bump version
2010-10-29 Kieren Diment fix link on Manual page intro
2010-10-29 Kieren Diment we should really tag releases, or move to git v5.8005
2010-02-17 Kennedy Clark Prep for build
2009-12-28 Kennedy Clark Prep for release (v5.8003)
2009-11-15 Kennedy Clark Prep for build (5.8002)
2009-10-07 Kennedy Clark Minor fixes
2009-10-07 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2009-09-01 Tomas Doran Loads of cleanup / updating work
2009-08-10 Tomas Doran Expand CatalystAndMoose somewhat, re-arrange the Develo...
2009-05-28 Kennedy Clark Initial plug for books
2009-05-27 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2009-05-26 Kennedy Clark Update for 5.80
2009-05-08 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2009-03-12 Kennedy Clark Fix errors in FormFu.pod (thanks to Adam Witney).
2009-03-11 Kennedy Clark Move use of "load_namespaces" for DBIC from BasicCRUD...
2009-03-09 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2009-03-03 Kennedy Clark Reword warning about not using GET for delete based...
2009-02-28 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2009-02-19 Kennedy Clark Add some "getting started" links to the Catalyst::Manua...
2008-12-29 Kennedy Clark Pre-release updates
2008-12-15 Kennedy Clark Prep for release
2008-11-04 Ricardo SIGNES prep release
2008-07-09 Kieren Diment rollback to use Catalyst qw/@plugins/
2008-06-02 Kieren Diment bump version
2008-05-16 Kieren Diment updated manual
2008-04-09 Matt S Trout rename back to
2007-08-17 Kieren Diment removal of redundant information while keeping the...
2007-08-08 Ash Berlin Update mailing list URLs
2007-05-09 Andy Grundman Update dev server info in the Cookbook, took out warnin...
2007-04-26 Brian Cassidy add strict to fix up Makefile.PL
2007-04-26 Brian Cassidy switch to Module::Install. fix up changes file. fix...
2007-04-19 Jonathan Rockway bump C::M version number for release
2006-11-10 Jonathan Rockway manual 5.700501
2006-10-27 Jonathan Rockway sync version number with makefile
2006-10-27 Jonathan Rockway fix a typo in
2006-10-27 Jonathan Rockway Moving tutorial POD here