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2011-04-29 Tomas Doran Version 0.03 master 0.03
2011-04-29 Tomas Doran Changelog
2011-04-29 Tomas Doran Fix .gitignore
2011-04-29 Tomas Doran Fix failing test
2009-06-28 Orlando Vazquez fix a documation bug
2009-06-08 Orlando Vazquez update Changes file with current version
2009-06-06 t0m Switch to readable repos
2009-06-06 t0m Remove all the generated files from revision control...
2009-06-01 Orlando Vazquez change metadata since I'll be maintaining this package
2009-05-31 Orlando Vazquez since the prepare_path behaviour has changed, juice...
2009-05-31 Orlando Vazquez Remove overridden prepare_path that was mangling the...
2009-05-30 Orlando Vazquez cvs files are unacceptable
2009-05-30 Orlando Vazquez add inc::Module::Install v0.91
2009-05-30 Orlando Vazquez reorder lines in Makefile maker
2009-05-30 Orlando Vazquez add
2009-05-30 Orlando Vazquez remove the engine proxy check, as per
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