2011-02-16 Alexander Hartmaier require Perl 5.8.6 because of Unicode fixes
2011-02-16 Alexander Hartmaier don't import JSON functions
2011-02-16 Alexander Hartmaier removed perl 5.6.0 requirement from test files
2011-02-16 Alexander Hartmaier use JSON instead of JSON::Any to get rid of the CPAN...
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier Version 2.002004 2.002004
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier properly define testing modules as testing requirement
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier added Oleg Kostyuk to the list of authors
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier updated Changes for the previous two commits
2011-01-13 Oleg Kostyuk Added support for tweaking where to store response...
2011-01-13 Oleg Kostyuk Added possibility to tweak resultset class after searching
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier make release tests happy
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier fixed failure because of Data::DPath >=0.41 by not...
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier added the .build dir to the .gitignore file
2011-01-13 Alexander Hartmaier Renamed Visitor to Validator::Visitor to conform with...
2010-09-17 Alexander Hartmaier Version 2.002003 2.002003
2010-08-20 Alexander Hartmaier added test for searching with sql functions
2010-08-20 Alexander Hartmaier remove trailing newlines from error messages
2010-08-20 Alexander Hartmaier fixed search attribute generation for nonexistent relat...
2010-08-18 Alexander Hartmaier added some Dist::Zilla test plugins and renamed the...
2010-08-18 Alexander Hartmaier fixed UnusedVarsTests
2010-08-18 Alexander Hartmaier Test use_json_boolean true
2010-08-18 Alexander Hartmaier removed comments in synopsis as suggested by castaway
2010-08-12 Alexander Hartmaier better hack description with link to Moose test
2010-08-11 Alexander Hartmaier fixed static configured page attribute not being used...
2010-08-11 Alexander Hartmaier fixed pod for page config attribute
2010-08-10 Alexander Hartmaier code cleanups
2010-08-10 Alexander Hartmaier removed check_rel to _check_rel to exclude it from...
2010-08-09 Alexander Hartmaier use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaNoIndex to exclude t/lib...
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier added test for check_has_column
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier cleaned up delete tests
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier added REST and RPC bulk_update tests for nonexisting...
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier improved comments and pod
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier removed useless RPC index action
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier added REST and RPC update_bulk tests
2010-08-07 Alexander Hartmaier added REST and RPC delete_bulk tests and fixed RPC...
2010-08-03 Alexander Hartmaier Version 2.002002 2.002002
2010-08-03 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed pod coverage and added a test for it
2010-08-03 Alexander Hartmaier fixed update again, all tests pass
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier fixed nested updates and column accessor != name
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed t/rpc/list.t error message regex to pass with...
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier Use column accessor for updating an existing object...
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed search for related columns overwriting existing...
2010-04-08 Alexander Hartmaier more robust json boolean testing
2010-04-01 Florian Ragwitz Version 2.002001. 2.002001
2010-03-31 Florian Ragwitz Update Changes.
2010-03-31 Florian Ragwitz Shut the damn tests up.
2010-03-10 Alexander Hartmaier don't inflate items
2010-03-10 Alexander Hartmaier removed debugging code in rest item test
2010-03-09 Alexander Hartmaier improved pod for list_munge_parameters
2010-03-02 Alexander Hartmaier removed dependency on DBIx::Class::TimeStamp
2010-03-02 Alexander Hartmaier changed Catalyst::Action::REST dependency to Catalyst...
2010-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Revert "removed Catalyst::Action::REST dependency"
2010-03-02 Alexander Hartmaier new test for item fetching with inflated objects
2010-03-02 Alexander Hartmaier removed Catalyst::Action::REST dependency
2010-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Create related rows on create.
2010-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Create related rows if they don't exist already.
2010-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Stop treating false values for related objects as no...
2010-03-02 Florian Ragwitz Don't rely on absolute paths in exeptions.
2010-03-01 nperez Update changes for rafl's Action::REST drop
2010-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Use ActionRole::MatchRequestMethod instead of Action...
2010-03-01 nperez whitespace clean up
2010-03-01 nperez End point clean up and alter forwards to method calls...
2010-03-01 nperez Implement generate_rs to provide a default implementati...
2010-03-01 nperez Prepare for release
2010-03-01 nperez Add rafl to the authors list since he is so awesome
2010-03-01 nperez Make tests pass for new definitive chaining
2010-03-01 nperez Remove the test db
2010-03-01 nperez Ignore the test db
2010-03-01 nperez Merge in object_split functionality object_split
2010-03-01 nperez Start proper dispatch chaining for objects with and...
2010-02-28 Florian Ragwitz Add failing test for updating related rows with ::REST.
2010-02-18 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed some typos and code cleanups
2010-02-18 Alexander Hartmaier Remove debugging code from tests
2010-02-16 Florian Ragwitz Give row_format_output a context.
2010-02-15 Florian Ragwitz Remove debugging code.
2010-02-13 nperez Release 2.001003 2.001003
2010-02-13 nperez Update Changes
2010-02-13 nperez Pass in with each save_objects step
2010-02-11 nperez Implement per object save_objects and make each step...
2010-02-11 nperez Add more coercions to some types so we can specify...
2010-02-09 nperez Release 2.001002 2.001002
2010-02-09 nperez Since page is now calculated from offset and rows,...
2010-02-09 nperez Attribute building order is important for offset-based...
2010-02-09 nperez Enable offset based paging
2010-02-08 nperez Implement per object inflation hook in end
2010-02-08 nperez Sigh. Missed a place where I was still using MX::Aliases
2010-02-08 Alexander Hartmaier updated changelog
2010-02-08 Alexander Hartmaier added MooseX::Types::Structured to the required modules
2010-02-04 nperez Some pod fixes, updating Changes, prepping for release
2010-02-04 nperez initial commit with working tests, docs, and conversion...