added REST and RPC update_bulk tests
[catagits/Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-API.git] / Changes
2010-08-08 Alexander Hartmaier added REST and RPC update_bulk tests
2010-08-07 Alexander Hartmaier added REST and RPC delete_bulk tests and fixed RPC...
2010-08-03 Alexander Hartmaier Version 2.002002 2.002002
2010-08-03 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed pod coverage and added a test for it
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed t/rpc/list.t error message regex to pass with...
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier Use column accessor for updating an existing object...
2010-08-02 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed search for related columns overwriting existing...
2010-04-01 Florian Ragwitz Version 2.002001. 2.002001
2010-03-31 Florian Ragwitz Update Changes.
2010-03-01 nperez Update changes for rafl's Action::REST drop
2010-03-01 nperez Implement generate_rs to provide a default implementati...
2010-03-01 nperez Prepare for release
2010-03-01 nperez Merge in object_split functionality object_split
2010-02-18 Alexander Hartmaier Fixed some typos and code cleanups
2010-02-18 Alexander Hartmaier Remove debugging code from tests
2010-02-13 nperez Release 2.001003 2.001003
2010-02-13 nperez Update Changes
2010-02-11 nperez Implement per object save_objects and make each step...
2010-02-09 nperez Release 2.001002 2.001002
2010-02-09 nperez Enable offset based paging
2010-02-08 nperez Implement per object inflation hook in end
2010-02-08 nperez Sigh. Missed a place where I was still using MX::Aliases
2010-02-08 Alexander Hartmaier updated changelog
2010-02-04 nperez Some pod fixes, updating Changes, prepping for release
2010-02-04 nperez initial commit with working tests, docs, and conversion...