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d2739840 1Revision history for Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-API: {{ $dist->version }}
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198920a1 4- Fixed test failures with JSON 2.90 (RT#90188, thanks Samuel Kaufman!)
850140b0 5- Fixed generate_rs to set model to contents of stash->{class} if present
b4f6feec 6 (thanks Alex Howarth)
26e9dcd6 7- Use Catalyst's http method matching for REST instead of
8 ActionRole, whose feature went into core in 5.90013, and
9 MatchRequestMethod, whose feature went into 5.90020
33a4e523 10
112.004004 2012-11-21 12:20:41 Europe/Vienna
7dccc5de 12- Fixed test failures in t/[rest,rpc]/item.t on newer HTTP::Message versions
d828d59a 13- Don't wrap the SQLite test schema DDL queries in a transaction to suppress
14 DBIx::Class warnings
23bb3784 15- Added diagnostic messages to tests that trigger DBIx::Class warnings
22e4b224 16
172.004003 2011-12-19 14:41:59 Europe/Vienna
bbe26317 18- Fixed test failure in generic.t with Moose > 2.02
d5aa6982 19
c056b72b 202.004002 2011-10-24 15:48:55 Europe/Vienna
c50b4fa4 22- Use the column accessor instead of set_column when inserting new objects
a7a61313 23- Allow setting the result_class to undef to prevent the usage of HashRefInflator
c50b4fa4 24
d5aa6982 252.004001 2011-08-19 16:17:53 Europe/Vienna
c50b4fa4 26
362e979f 27- Changed stored_model and stored_result_source attributes to methods for
28 ACCEPT_CONTEXT/Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext compatibility
4b74202c 29
6c8742fe 302.003002 2011-05-09 12:30:01 Europe/Vienna
71c17090 32- Added has_errors method
6c8742fe 33- Fixed tests to succeed with newer DBIx::Class and Moose versions
4e5983f2 34- Fixed controller instantiation failures with Moose 2 in relation to prefetch
71c17090 35
28eb7216 362.003001 2011-02-16 17:52:37 Europe/Vienna
0b0bf911 38- Use JSON instead of JSON::Any to get rid of the CPAN Testers failures
39 when only JSON::Syck is available
e17f1f8e 412.002004 2011-01-13 19:22:20 Europe/Vienna
8175463b 43- Renamed Visitor to Validator::Visitor to conform with Data::DPath::Validator
44 and moved it into a separate file.
28098e5d 45- Fixed failure because of Data::DPath >=0.41 by not using
55ab6ddf 46 MooseX::Role::BuildInstanceOf for the validator attributes (RT#64673)
47- Added result_class and stash_key attributes to Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API,
48 allowing the values of them to be derived from the controller configuration (RT#63686)
8175463b 49
ee4d2dac 502.002003 2010-09-16 10:44:40 Europe/Vienna
a1f71064 52- Added REST and RPC delete_bulk tests
53- Fixed RPC delete_bulk not working at all
0b8c7370 54- Added REST and RPC update_bulk tests
a623b44a 55- Removed useless RPC index action
4a805f62 56- Fixed static configured page attribute not being used (RT#56226)
0cd7ab9e 57- Test use_json_boolean true
11ba2ccc 58- Fixed search attribute generation for nonexistent relationships
7821bdec 59- Remove trailing newlines from error messages
a1f71064 60
222a4b68 612.002002 2010-08-03 14:40:50 Europe/Vienna
02b625cd 63- Fixed search for related columns overwriting existing params in generate_column_parameters
3b12c2cd 64- Use column accessor for updating an existing object instead of passing the new values to update.
65 This enables the column accessors to do additional work (for example with method modifiers).
25448916 66- Fixed t/rpc/list.t error message regex to pass with Moose version >=1.05
b66d4310 67- Fixed pod coverage and added a test for it
02b625cd 68
312d9f36 692.002001 2010-04-01 01:41:11 Europe/Berlin
dae7bd3b 71- Remove debugging code and other noise from tests
73517f50 72- Fixed some typos and code cleanups
609916e5 73- Added possibility to fetch a single object by id + tests using 'item'
74- Added item_root attribute which defaults to 'data' and is used as data root for 'item'
967ca182 75- Break out bulk actions into their own methods for RPC
76- Restore identifer vs. no identifer for REST chains
77- Chain dispatching has now been fixed to not be as hackish as before
78- Shift around where the current result set is set. setup() now does /nothing/ by default other than be a chain anchor
79- Tests added for updating related keys via REST
9a29ee35 80- generate_rs is now used to get the default resultset inside inflate_request
1eb6cc20 81- No longer uses Catalyst::Action::REST to do dispatching instead uses ActionRole and MatchRequestMethod
dde94674 83
1c780c32 842.001003 2010-02-12 19:01:56 America/Chicago
b421ef50 86- Fill out some coercions to allow more complex search criteria (like sort order)
87- Promote the helper functions into full methods
88- Allow iterative customization by breaking down the save_objects into several discrete steps
c5ec3461 89- Make sure those steps also include $c
b421ef50 90
7689faa0 912.001002 2010-02-09 01:01:57 America/Chicago
4b74202c 93- Fixed missing requirement for MooseX::Types::Structured
f44ff62d 94- Fixed MooseX::Aliases usage (we don't any more)
c9b8a798 95- Object inflation during end was broken out into its own method: each_object_inflate
33003023 96- Enable offset based paging
4b74202c 97
e48e272a 982.001001 2010-02-07
d666a194 99**************************************************************
d2739840 103- Merge create and update into update_or_create
104- object is much advanced now:
105 + Identifier can be omitted, and data_root in the request is interpreted
106- Because of the above one object or several is now possible for update or create
107- Create and Update object validation now happens iteratively
108- Creates and Updates can be mixed inside a single bulk request
109- All modifying actions on the database occur within an all-or-nothing transaction
110- Much of the DBIC search parameter munging is properly moved to the RequestArguments
111 Role in the form of a trigger on 'search' to populate 'search_parameters' and
112 'search_attributes' which correspond directly to ->search($parameters, $attributes);
113- Error handling is now much more consistent, using Try::Tiny everywhere possible
114- Tests are now modernized and use JSON::Any
115- Extending is now explicitly done via Moose method modifiers
116- The only portion of the stash in use is to allow runtime definition of create/update_allows
117- list is now broken down into several steps:
d666a194 118 + list_munge_parameters
119 + list_perform_search
120 + list_format_output
121 + row_format_output (which is just a passthrough per row)
122- Search can now take an array of hashrefs to give the ability to use the default 'OR'
123- By default search_parameters is an ArrayRef[HashRef] which is pertinent to list_munge_parameters
124- More thorough documentation of the various bits and pieces.
125 + Documentation now uses Pod::Weaver and Plugin::PodWeaver (weaver.ini added)
126- The distribution is now managed by Dist::Zilla
127- And some more likely forgotten.
d2739840 128
e48e272a 1291.004002 2010-01-14
d2739840 130- Implement 'as' as a complement to 'select'
131- CGI::Expand'ed search parameters are now also JSON decoded + test
132- Fixed pod for parameters using a json string which shouldn't be surrounded
133 by single quotes
134- Use next instead of NEXT in RPC
135- Moved sub object from RPC/REST to Base to DRY
136 This will break your code if you subclass from REST
137 and had relied on the action name 'object'
138- Check for defined objects before returning them for create/update
e48e272a 1401.004001 2010-01-04
d2739840 141- Allow for more complex prefetch_allows (multiple keys in hash)
142- Skip non-existant parameters in deserialization
143- Fixed whitespace to use spaces instead of tabs
144- Fixed pod to not use the config attributes from before 1.004
145- Fixed prefetch_allows check to properly handle nested attrs + test
e48e272a 1471.004000 2009-12-22
d2739840 148- Moosify
149- Move validation for *_exposes/*_allows to Data::DPath::Validator
150- Reorganize internals to use Moose and roles
151- Allow maximum configuration for what request parameters are named
152- Properly handle JSON boolean values
153- Earlier and more consistent validation of configuration and request parameters
e48e272a 1551.003004 2009-12-09
d2739840 156- Database errors are also handled for searches + tests
157- Totalcount isn't included in the response if a db error occurs while fetching data
158- Converted no_plan tests to done_testing (required Test::More 0.88)
e48e272a 1601.003003 2009-11-16
d2739840 161- Database errors are properly handled + test
162- Fixed isa redefined warnings
163- Fixed bug preventing compat with future Catalyst::Action::Deserialize versions
e48e272a 1651.003002 2009-07-22
d2739840 166- Added totalcount to paged list responses
167- Fixed some tests weren't run in t/rpc/list.t
168- Fixed wrong setup_dbic_args_method error message
e48e272a 1701.003001 2009-07-17
d2739840 171- Minor fix to prevent failing test
e48e272a 1731.003000 2009-05-19
d2739840 174- Added prefetch support
175- Refactored to ensure all request params accept JSON, CGI::Expand or standard params
176- Doc improvements
e48e272a 1781.002000 2009-03-18
d2739840 179- Better error handing when unable to parse search arg
180- Added setup_dbic_args_method config option
181- Added list_search_exposes config option
182- Removed duplicate tests in t/rpc/list.t and t/rest/list.t
183- Fixed searches on columns which have a rel with the same name
184 and vice versa
185- Added search by json
186- Added pagination support
e48e272a 1881.001000 2008-07-23
d2739840 189- Added setup_list_method configuration flag (jshirley)
190- Added support for setting config params in stash
191- Added list_grouped_by, list_count and list_ordered_by config attributes
192- Fixed bug with behaviour of list_returns
e48e272a 1941.000002 Unknown
d2739840 195- Fixed lack of deserialization under RPC
e48e272a 1971.000001 2008-06-29
d2739840 198- Improved docs
e48e272a 2001.000000 2008-06-28
d2739840 201- Released