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4- Merge create and update into update_or_create
5- object is much advanced now:
6 + Identifier can be omitted, and data_root in the request is interpreted
7- Because of the above one object or several is now possible for update or create
8- Create and Update object validation now happens iteratively
9- Creates and Updates can be mixed inside a single bulk request
10- All modifying actions on the database occur within an all-or-nothing transaction
11- Much of the DBIC search parameter munging is properly moved to the RequestArguments
12 Role in the form of a trigger on 'search' to populate 'search_parameters' and
13 'search_attributes' which correspond directly to ->search($parameters, $attributes);
14- Error handling is now much more consistent, using Try::Tiny everywhere possible
15- Tests are now modernized and use JSON::Any
16- Extending is now explicitly done via Moose method modifiers
17- The only portion of the stash in use is to allow runtime definition of create/update_allows
18- list is now broken down into several steps:
19 + list_munge_parameters
20 + list_perform_search
21 + list_format_output
22 + row_format_output (which is just a passthrough per row)
25- Implement 'as' as a complement to 'select'
26- CGI::Expand'ed search parameters are now also JSON decoded + test
27- Fixed pod for parameters using a json string which shouldn't be surrounded
28 by single quotes
29- Use next instead of NEXT in RPC
30- Moved sub object from RPC/REST to Base to DRY
31 This will break your code if you subclass from REST
32 and had relied on the action name 'object'
33- Check for defined objects before returning them for create/update
36- Allow for more complex prefetch_allows (multiple keys in hash)
37- Skip non-existant parameters in deserialization
38- Fixed whitespace to use spaces instead of tabs
39- Fixed pod to not use the config attributes from before 1.004
40- Fixed prefetch_allows check to properly handle nested attrs + test
43- Moosify
44- Move validation for *_exposes/*_allows to Data::DPath::Validator
45- Reorganize internals to use Moose and roles
46- Allow maximum configuration for what request parameters are named
47- Properly handle JSON boolean values
48- Earlier and more consistent validation of configuration and request parameters
51- Database errors are also handled for searches + tests
52- Totalcount isn't included in the response if a db error occurs while fetching data
53- Converted no_plan tests to done_testing (required Test::More 0.88)
56- Database errors are properly handled + test
57- Fixed isa redefined warnings
58- Fixed bug preventing compat with future Catalyst::Action::Deserialize versions
61- Added totalcount to paged list responses
62- Fixed some tests weren't run in t/rpc/list.t
63- Fixed wrong setup_dbic_args_method error message
66- Minor fix to prevent failing test
69- Added prefetch support
70- Refactored to ensure all request params accept JSON, CGI::Expand or standard params
71- Doc improvements
74- Better error handing when unable to parse search arg
75- Added setup_dbic_args_method config option
76- Added list_search_exposes config option
77- Removed duplicate tests in t/rpc/list.t and t/rest/list.t
78- Fixed searches on columns which have a rel with the same name
79 and vice versa
80- Added search by json
81- Added pagination support
84- Added setup_list_method configuration flag (jshirley)
85- Added support for setting config params in stash
86- Added list_grouped_by, list_count and list_ordered_by config attributes
87- Fixed bug with behaviour of list_returns
90- Fixed lack of deserialization under RPC
93- Improved docs
96- Released