last changeThu, 11 Jun 2009 09:34:10 +0000
2009-06-11 Tomas Doran... Tweaks master mirror/master 0.07
2009-06-11 Tomas Doran... Fix spelling
2009-06-11 Tomas Doran... Bump versions, changelog for release
2009-06-11 Tomas Doran... Merge
2009-06-11 Tomas Doran... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2009-06-11 t0m Mangle POD some to add myself and Caelum
2009-06-11 t0m Clarify (at least to my eyes) what the test is trying...
2009-06-11 t0m Add respos
2009-06-10 Rafael Kitover have to use a real app in test due to changes in runtim...
2009-04-24 Jonathan Rockway 0.06 version bump and changelog
2009-04-24 Jonathan Rockway use C3 in the tests also
2009-04-23 Tomas Doran... As per usual, I mean maybe::next::method
2009-04-23 Tomas Doran... Switch to MRO::Compat
2008-01-18 Jonathan Rockway add MANIFEST.SKIP
2008-01-18 Jonathan Rockway improve the docs (talk about InstancePerContext)
2008-01-18 Jonathan Rockway import my old svn repo here
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10 years ago master