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2009-07-13 Tomas Doran Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.06... master v0.06
2009-05-23 Tomas Doran Add repository resource to all the MI Makefile.PLs
2009-05-07 Tomas Doran Bump required Module::Install version in everything...
2009-04-22 Ian Wells Removed 'password' from minimal store in example becaus...
2009-02-06 Tomas Doran Fix tyop
2009-01-04 Tomas Doran Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.05... v0.05
2008-11-23 Tomas Doran Should not be there
2008-09-28 Tomas Doran Tag old version. Update trunk to new version with addit... v0.04
2007-07-18 Andreas Marienborg r15710@andreas-marienborgs-computer: andreas | 2007... v0.03
2007-04-26 Brian Cassidy add README
2007-04-26 Brian Cassidy switch to Module::Install. fix pod. add MANIFEST.SKIP
2006-04-03 Marcus Ramberg inital import of Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication:...
2006-01-01 Yuval Kogman version bump TypeKey
2006-01-01 Yuval Kogman changelog TypeKey
2005-12-11 Yuval Kogman TypeKey: $store->get_user( \%params, \%result ) made...
2005-12-05 Yuval Kogman Remove Authen::TypeKey borkedness warning
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