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last changeSat, 30 Jul 2011 17:38:02 +0000
2011-07-30 Matthew Horsfall... Separate out App::IdiotBox::* DB objects and put create... master
2011-07-26 Matthew Horsfall... Introducing a very barebones admin UI for managing...
2011-07-25 Matthew Horsfall Allow creating of new buckets by using the importer
2011-07-24 Matthew Horsfall Don't import files if they don't have the supportted...
2011-07-20 Matthew Horsfall use Moo like the rest of the code.
2011-07-20 Matthew Horsfall Add in Data::Perl::Collection::Set from DBIx-Data-Store...
2011-07-20 Matthew Horsfall "Temporary" fix so import works again. DBIx/Data/Store...
2011-07-19 Matt S Trout fix typo in SQL statement definition
2011-07-19 Matt S Trout switch FilterBuilder to short form
2011-07-19 Matt S Trout switch to Moo accessors in
2010-11-27 Matt S Trout update for new Web::Simple
2010-08-29 Matt S Trout snapshot of the live db for testing
2010-08-29 Matt S Trout drop Method::Signatures::Simple
2010-08-29 Matt S Trout move to new DBIxDS code
2010-08-08 markie support m4v as well as flv
2010-03-01 markie clear up wording on custom HTML
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